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Chile’s Chicago Boys’ trainer’s son: ‘Come back, wants to be told socialism is dead’



The economist, son of the ‘Chicago Boys’ ideologue, highlighted the economic success Chile has shown in recent years compared to its neighbors. He declined to elaborate on the current government. “I want to go back to Chile in 10 years and be told that this country is a place where socialism has already died,” he exclaimed.

economist David Freedman Milton Friedman, son of the Nobel Prize in Economics and “father of neoliberalism,” said Thursday in Chile that governments should use climate change as a “new policy” to justify state economic intervention in free markets. I asserted that I was using it as an excuse.

Regarding local socioeconomic contingencies, he declared that “Chile has one of the most libertarian economies in South America.” If he were to come back ten years from now, they would say to him, ‘This country is a place where socialism has already died.

Friedman Jr. is the author of numerous essays on liberalism, and his father was a well-known neoliberal ideologue, influencing the “Chicago Boys”, a group of economists who dictated economic policy at the time. gave. Augusto Pinochet .

Climate change is ‘real’, but they are using it ‘to justify themselves’

climate change capitalist inequality A new excuse for the government to control the people, even if nothing has improved since then.” expressed American economists at a conference held in Santiago.

he admitted climate change It’s True Public opinion has a “catastrophic” vision of global warming, he added, which could have a negative impact on people. “Forgetting the positive effects of rising temperatures” such as a reduction in cold-related winter deaths, he said.

“The free market has external problems that it doesn’t know how to solve by itself. “Like rising temperatures worldwide, governments only know how to make things worse when they try to control those problems,” he said.

About Chile: Free Markets and Socialism

Friedman is Radical supporter of free market ideas And, as he admitted this Thursday, he has been in favor of “getting rid of the government” on numerous occasions.

When asked about the validity of the free market idea, the American said: “Socialism is dead” argues that while there are people who use the concept, “no one really defends it.”

“Virtually no one wants the government to control companies. When people talk about socialism, they are now appealing to the Scandinavian model. This is actually a kind of capitalism. Because businesses are still in the hands of the people, not the government. ,plot.

“Socialists determine the economy by hierarchy from above, but no one believes it now. The Soviet model of the USSR has already collapsed, China stopped being communist many years ago, but they say it is communist. ” he added.

economist he also had a word for Chile , since the military regime, most of the basic services have been privatized. He defined it as “one of the most successful examples of a liberal society.”

“Chile has one of the most libertarian economies in South America is one of the region’s greatest economic successes,” he defended.

Freedman Jr. refused to predict Chile’s political direction knowing the left-wing forces currently ruling the country, exclaimed: “I hope that in 10 years I will return to Chile and be told that this country is a place where socialism has already died.”

Source: Biobiochile

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