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Indap growers affected by strawberry blight receive training in sustainable management



INDAP’s National Director participated in providing resources and technical assistance to its commune and San Pedro’s 35 fruit growers.

Received 35 affected growers, users of the Agricultural Development Institute, through incentives to help manage strawberry nematodes and training workshops for sustainable control of pests (Indup) in the communes of Meripira and San Pedro in the Metropolitan Area.

The National Director of this service is Santiago Rojas ; Local Presidential Deputy of Meripira, Sandra Saavedra with Mayor of San Pedro Emilio Cerda participated in an activity that took place in Indap Meripija Area Agency This is part of the recent emergency measures announced by the USDA.

Pest Control and Sustainable Agriculture

R.The resources received by these fruit growers enable them to purchase pesticides and spraying services licensed by the Agriculture and Livestock Administration (sag). On the other hand, training Received information on culture management and biostimulants To promote responsible and sustainable control of pests that affect fields.

“I hope this assistance will be very helpful,” said Santiago Rojas, adding that in addition to resources, he also provided advice on “cultural management of strawberries, what to do with contaminated plants, or how to manage orchards”. It’s important to get training.”

The authorities said the commitment is a knowledge base for the development of “more climate-adapted and more sustainable agriculture that incorporates locally produced micro-organisms and fertilizers to partially reduce reliance on external consumption.” Furthermore, he emphasized that the producers know a lot about this and that Indap is interested. “Creating a place for interaction” .

Emilia Flores the president of the Cooperativa de Frutilleros de San Pedro thanked in particular the agricultural associations and the Prodesal, saying: “This moment is very complicated, because the production has decreased and the prices are very low. The support is in place so that we can continue.”

Thin Saavedra, on the other hand, said with assistance: We are also working to bring more technology and innovation to keep producing this exquisite strawberry. “

Estimated impact and a call to start monitoring

The estimated number of potentially affected Indap users who purchased plants in the nurseries from which the contaminated specimens originated was 1,607, with an area of ​​1,029 hectares potentially affected in various regions. I have.

The Indap team estimates that approximately 158 users have purchased these plants in Metropolitan, with 142 completing affidavits of affection so far. This is one way to enable monitoring and access help.

The Ministry of Agriculture Management plan with $789.3 million allocated to agencies We support fruit growers who use this service.From this figure Allocating $182 million to metropolitan areas .

This support will focus on financing SAG-approved pesticides, financing INIA-recommended biostimulants, or resources directed to SAG-approved pesticide application services.

If you have symptoms, the main call for strawberry growers is to contact the SAG or the Indap Area Office.

Source: Biobiochile

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