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US LGBT club massacre suspect says he’s non-binary and has a complicated past



A photo of a handout released by the Colorado Springs Police Department on November 23, 2022 shows a mugshot of club shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich.

A photo of a handout released by the Colorado Springs Police Department on November 23, 2022 shows a mugshot of club shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich.

A lawyer for the 22-year-old suspect, who is suspected of killing five people at an LGBT+ club in Colorado, said before his first court appearance on Wednesday as details of his chaotic past, including a family breakdown and his name, came to light. , said the client is non-binary. Change.

Five people were killed and 18 injured in Saturday’s violent attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs, a quiet city in the northwestern United States.

The massacre ended when an army veteran tore the gun from the arrested attacker.

Anderson Lee Aldrich appeared in a short video in court Wednesday. Seated in an orange prison uniform, he spoke only to confirm his name and was informed of his rights. .

No charges or motions were filed.

Aldrich has two public defenders who, in court documents Tuesday, identified their clients as non-binary and used the pronoun “they,” which is considered neutral in English. He said that

Aldrich has not been formally charged, but authorities are detaining him on suspicion of murder. According to the Colorado judicial system, formal charges must not be filed before he is 10 days old. Aldrich is being held without bail.


Photos of Aldrich’s complicated personal life began appearing Wednesday.

US media reported that Aldrich was born Nicholas Brink and his parents separated when he was two years old.

Nicholas changed his name to Anderson Lee Aldrich when he was a teenager in Texas.

The New York Times cited court records showing Aldrich’s father, Aaron Franklin Brink, was arrested several times in California for driving violations and drug charges.

Brink, who describes himself as a conservative Republican who worked as a porn actor, told a San Diego, California newspaper that his ex-wife, Laura Vopel, told him their son died years ago. Told.

It was information that Brink was handling until he received a phone call from Aldrich a few months ago, got into a fight, and was threatened by Aldrich.

Brink, who calls himself a martial arts trainer, told CBS that he “admired” his son’s violent behavior as a child.

“I told him it worked. It works quickly and gives immediate results,” the father said.

Appearing on a real-life TV show about drug addiction, Brink was confused about where his son allegedly committed his crimes.

“They told me about the shooting with several people,” Brink said, referring to a call he received from Aldrich’s attorneys on Sunday.

“As you know, Mormons are not gay. I told you what I knew.

He said he felt sorry for his son’s alleged behavior and said, “I have no excuse to go and kill people.”

The suspect’s mother, Laura Vopel, also got into trouble with California authorities for public intoxication and drug possession, according to the New York Times.

In 2012, she was sentenced to five years’ probation in Texas for setting fire to a bed in a psychiatric facility where she was hospitalized, according to court records cited by The New York Times.

Aldrich is the grandson of California representative Randy Vaupel, local media reported.

Wednesday’s hearings came less than four days after the shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, a small town east of the Rocky Mountains.

A memorial was erected outside the Q Club with flowers and a teddy bear, and a candlelit memorial service was held in a downtown park on Monday.

In addition to the duel, the community rallied to praise Army veteran Richard Fierro for bringing the shooter under control.

“I don’t know exactly what I did. I just went into combat mode,” said Fierro, who was at the club with his wife. “I knew he had to kill this man before he could kill us.”

“I took the gun out of his hand and started hitting him in the head over and over,” he told the New York Times.

Aldrich is scheduled to appear in court on December 6.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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