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Suspected murder of Mexican woman in Peru Uploads video of human organs to TikTok



The man who allegedly murdered a Mexican woman uploaded videos, and most of them contained “confidential content” warnings because of the biological material he was working with.

To find the profile of the suspect in the murder of Mexican Blanca Arellano, the media in Mexico and Peru turned to highlighting the social media accounts of the alleged perpetrator of the crime. It stood out for having a variety of videos that probably contained human organs as content.

according to the media Excelsiorwith Juan Pablo Jesús Villafuerte, who had a virtual relationship with Arellano That’s why a Mexican woman traveled to Peru published various images on TikTok of him manipulating organs.

The image secures the portal, They were recorded seven years ago. Similarly, a 37-year-old man’s account had multiple videos labeled as “sensitive content” where he talked and sang about his illness.

the page above, No longer available on platform according to the media, there was a very grainy video that can be seen from the stomach to the human brain. Justified by showing human anatomy.

Disappearance of Arellano

The Arellano case has shocked Peruvian society, and on Tuesday the judiciary ordered Juan Pablo Villafuerte, the prime suspect in the murders, to nine months in preventive detention. He also faces human trafficking and organ trafficking charges.

The prosecutor’s paper alleges that the 37-year-old medical student is linked to the disappearance and death of a Mexican citizen. I was in a romantic relationship.

A 51-year-old woman arrived in Peru to meet Villafuerte. both would have lived in an apartment Born in Huacho City, Lima Province.

Relatives of Arellano They reported her missing on 7 November. two days before police found a human body on the town’s beach.

Afterwards, her body was washed to pieces, her fingerprints gone, her face gone, and washed up on the city beach.

Source: Biobiochile

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