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Honduras in a state of emergency due to anxiety and coercion



President Xiomara Castro of Honduras

President Xiomara Castro of Honduras

Honduran President Xiomara Castro yesterday declared a national emergency over insecurity in the Central American nation, declared “war” on criminal groups operating in Honduran territory, and promised to end blackmail big and small. complains every day.

With this action, Castro instructed security officials to “establish exception states and suspend constitutional guarantees” within the territory where necessary, and directed the gendarmerie and military to carry out controls at the border. I ordered.

“The Honduran government will declare war on extortion, just like it does on corruption and drug trafficking,” the president said in a message before security forces, affirming that “we will eradicate extortion to the end.” did. our homeland”.

“National police must restore public spaces attacked and controlled by organized crime in the shortest possible time,” the president demanded at the launch of the National Strategic Security Plan.

The main Honduran security officials are aware that the purpose of their “anti-extortion plan” is to fight maras and gangs operating in Honduran territory, especially in the streets of the capital, Tegucigalpa.

“We are going to the final corner because our mission is to reach the shadows where crime occurs,” said Minister of Security Ramon Sabilon.



to reduce murder.

Honduran National Police Chief Gustavo Sánchez said he has begun restructuring law enforcement to combat gangs and criminals. resources and budgets.

The police chief told Radio America that the homicide rate in 2021 will be 41.60% per 100,000 inhabitants. And he will end the year with a 36% homicide rate, according to a new government plan estimate. That’s almost 6 points less.

Honduras’ anti-extortion plan is looking at eight strategic axes, including improving operational and technical strategies, reforming laws and community establishments, and reforming the prison system, officials said.


Honduran criminologist José Alfredo Ponce Alvarado told Radio America that the Honduran government was facing a scourge of extortion.

“Mallas, gangsters and drug dealers are believed to be responsible for the crime of extortion, but the information we have suggests that the family groups involved in extortion and how this phenomenon has benefited people’s lives. earning illicit income,” said the expert, who also supported enacting anti-extortion laws and strengthening police with the budget and resources needed to investigate and combat crimes such as extortion. Said it was necessary.

3 actions to stop crime

1.- They harden

Selling phone chips thwarts this resource criminals use to extort and investigate e-wallets.

2.- They intervene
Investigate intra- and inter-city transport, taxi and motorbike taxi operators to prevent criminal incursions.

3.- More control
With a strategic increase in patrols, checkpoints and operations in various cities and municipalities in Honduras.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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