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Japan protests China after another invasion of ships armed with largest artillery on record



This is China’s 32nd invasion so far in 2022, one of which carries 76mm cannons, the largest ever observed in the region.

The Japanese government protested in front of China this Friday. Vessels intruding into territorial waters near the disputed Senkaku Islands including ships armed with 76 mm guns.

Four Chinese Coast Guard vessels entered Japanese waters this Friday at 2:35 local time (Thursday at 14:35 in Chile). They left the area after being warned by naval patrols. reported by a Japanese executive.

This is the 32nd Chinese invasion so far this year And the first since November 13th.

Among the ships discovered on this occasion was one armed with the largest artillery ever seen by a Chinese ship in this waters. .

Japan expresses ‘serious concerns’ over China

Japanese government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno said at a press conference that Tokyo had forwarded diplomatic protests to Beijing over these maritime operations, which he said were “violations of international law.”

Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida expresses ‘serious concern’ to Chinese president Xi Jinping said during a summit held by the two leaders in Bangkok last week for the region’s Asian giant’s constant maritime activity.

For many months Japan Strengthening naval operations of neighboring countries around the Senkaku Islands administered by Tokyo but claimed by a neighboring country, calling this uninhabited group of islands the Diaoyu Islands.

In addition to the frequent presence of Chinese vessels in this aforementioned waters, Tokyo observes increased passage of Russian ships near its territory often as part of joint exercises with China.

Russia and Japan have continued their territorial dispute over the Southern Kuril Islands after World War II, and their relations with their neighbors are at their worst as a result of their invasion of Ukraine and sanctions imposed by Tokyo. decades.

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