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For the fourth time in 16 months: Peru’s Pedro Castillo another prime minister resigns



The resignation is the fourth chief of staff to resign since Castillo took office 16 months ago.

president of Peru, Pedro Castillo announced that it would renew its cabinet after accepting the prime minister’s resignation. hannibal torres the result of a renewed struggle with Congress, in a surprise message to the nation on the edge of midnight Thursday.

“I accept the resignation of the prime minister, who has served the country well, and renew my cabinet,” Castillo said in a message broadcast on state television from the Palace of Government.

The resignation comes amid renewed conflict between a left-wing executive and legislative branches dominated by right-wing lawmakers.

Just hours before his resignation was announced, Bundestag Speaker Jose Williams announced that “the Council flatly rejects the confidence issue” raised by the outgoing prime minister a week earlier.

The speaker of parliament said that according to the law, a decision could be made without the need for a plenary session to discuss the government proposal “because it deals with matter prohibited for raising that question.” claimed that

The government relied on confidence vote figures on the executive branch’s bill proposing a referendum, bypassing parliament’s filters.

Torres, a 79-year-old lawyer who took office in February, had warned he would resign if Congress did not discuss the referendum bill.

Castillo wants to promote referendum constitutional convention To change the Magna Carta (1993), which promoted free markets and transformed Peru into one of the region’s most open economies.

ghost of the coup

Peru’s president will have to nominate a fifth cabinet in the next few days as he faces six rounds of investigation by prosecutors for alleged corruption and collusion.

In Peru, it is traditional for all ministers to leave their positions to the president’s discretion when the prime minister resigns.

The new Chief of Staff must be approved by Congress within a maximum of 30 days from the date of Castillo’s appointment.

If the parliament refuses to vote for a new cabinet, the government considers it legally authorized to dissolve parliament in accordance with the Peruvian Constitution.

“The president, in his message to the nation, said: Trust in the executive power has been denied and it is in crisis that the cabinet will renew the cabinet, on the basis of which a new prime minister or a new prime minister will be appointed. It’s a reason to be born,” said the radio PTR Minister of Labor, Alejandro Salas, spokesperson for the government.

This clarification opens the door to interpretation because it said Congress did not deny Torres’ trust, but that his request was dismissed as unacceptable.

Torres had accompanied Castillo since he was a presidential candidate and was appointed Minister of Justice in the government’s first cabinet, a position he held until February.

In addition to the judicial siege, Castillo faces two attempts to remove him from Congress, with a 66% disapproval rate according to polls.
OAS in action

The escalating tensions prompted Castillo to denounce the ongoing coup d’état, call on the Organization of American States (OAS) to intervene, and invoke the Democratic Charter of the Americas.

To be precise, an OAS mission visited Lima this week to meet with authorities and opposition groups to keep track of the struggle between powers.

A new political crisis erupted on the same day that a congressional committee agreed to handle an indictment by the public prosecutor’s office against Castillo, who is investigating him for corruption and dismisses him temporarily. I am asking for

Castillo, who has been in power since July 2021, has already faced two impeachment attempts in Congress. He also claims he cannot investigate until the end of his mandate in July 2026.

Source: Biobiochile

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