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European trade unions urge managers not to discriminate against workers who are victims of ‘revenge porn’



The organization claimed there was “increasing evidence that employers discriminate against victims of sexual harassment based on images”.They added that domestic violence can have economic consequences. rice field.

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) asked this Friday To prevent discrimination in the labor market against victims of revenge porn, Posting private sexual images online to avoid getting fired or making it difficult to get hired or promoted in a company.

To this end, he urged the European Union to consider this situation in the draft directive currently under discussion.

In a statement, the ETUC said the European Commission’s (EC) proposal for a directive to combat violence against women in March had “overlooked” the employment impact of revenge porn and had not yet been approved. I regret that I am not.

“The Board of Directors Domestic Violence Can Have Economic Impact but currently does not do so against cyber violence,” the Union Confederation said.

The ETUC called on the European Parliament, which must negotiate with Member States to bring the Directive into force, to “rectify the omissions by including provisions that prevent employers from discriminating against victims.” rice field. relating to the recruitment, disciplinary or promotion process”.

“Managers must prevent discrimination against victims of workplace revenge porn and other forms of online sexual harassment. As part of the EU Directive on Combating Violence against Women,” said the European Trade Union Confederation.

“On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, trade unions call on MEPs and ministers to ensure that employers do not make victims pay for cyber-violence,” said the ETUC Secretary-General. Deputy Esther Lynch said.


The organization noted, “There is increasing evidence that employers discriminate against victims of sexual harassment based on images.”

He is currently employed by Conduct online searches for potential employees “regularly” “Research shows this leads to discrimination against victims of cyber violence in the labor market.”

A French woman said she could no longer find a job after her ex-partner posted a video of her on Facebook. ETUC pointed out.

“There are many examples of women who have lost their professional careers because of revenge porn,” he added.

“For example, an Italian woman was fired by her employer after she reported to police that a series of videos of her had been posted without her permission and gone viral,” reported the ETUC.

“As online scrutiny and networking become more important in the job market, More and more women are seeing their careers ruined by cyberviolence such as revenge porn. ” says Esther Lynch.

“In some cases, not only through blatant discrimination, such as being fired as a result of the abuser sending images to the workplace or distributing them online, but also through being ostracized, overlooked for promotion, etc. , also occurs through more insidious forms of discrimination,” he added. .

She stressed that the effects of image-based abuse on women’s financial security are “violent and long-lasting.”

“It is clear that this is a workplace issue that has not yet been recognized in the draft directive,” he noted.

However, the draft Directive advocates making the non-consensual dissemination of personal images and incitement to hate and sexist violence on the Internet a European crime.

Also suggest Making online bullying a crime in Europe as applied when there are regular attacks on the same person and the victim in question suffers severe psychological damage.

Source: Biobiochile

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