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At least three fallen leaves in two Brazilian schools



Armed men opened fire on two schools in the Brazilian city of Aracruz on Friday, killing at least two teachers and a student and injuring 11 others. He is now on the run.

At least three people were killed and 11 injured at two schools in a Brazilian suburb. Aracruz a young armed man entered and shot indiscriminately, official sources reported this Friday.

Two teachers and one elementary school student died. As Espirito Santo State Public Security Secretary Marcio Serante declared in a statement to the press.

The person responsible for the crime is a teenager who first opened fire inside a school with a semi-automatic pistol, then went to another school in the same neighborhood to repeat the attack and then fled.

Attacks were particularly against the Primovitti State Elementary and Secondary School (EEEFM) and the private schools of Praia de Coqueira. First, the perpetrator broke into a public school with a gun and opened fire several times in the staff room. Two of them were killed instantly and at least nine wounded.

According to Colonel Marcio Serante, Espirito Santo’s secretary of public security and social defense, the attackers then drove away from the location and headed to the Praia de Coqueira private school, where they killed a student and killed two others. injured..

The individual was wearing camouflage clothing and had his face covered to make him difficult to identify by the Center’s cameras. Serante confirmed before announcing a regional search and capture operation for the perpetrators.


Authorities have set up security devices to arrest the as-yet-unidentified shooter.

According to Celante, the young man broke the padlock on the first school door, went to the teacher’s room during a break between classes and opened fire on the teacher, killing two and injuring nine.

At the second school, he shot three students, killing one and injuring two, who were taken to a nearby hospital along with the rest of the wounded.

Espiritu Santo Governor Renato Casagrande confirmed the incident at the schools of the Bitti and Praia de Coqueiral Education Center in the Coqueirar district of Aracruz.

He said it was still unclear as to the motives of the young man, who is suspected to be a primary and secondary school student.

Source: Biobiochile

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