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Evo Morales Delivers Cirala Sentence Against Gerardo Muñoz: ‘Use Conspiracy to Gain Political Gain’



“Former Chilean Foreign Minister Gerardo Muñoz talks about ‘victory’. I was upset by the judgment of the court in The Hague, which ruled that there was.

former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales has lashed out at Chilean Foreign Minister Gerardo Muñoz accused him of using “conspiracy for political gain” after the International Court’s ruling on the Shirara waters became known.

“An international court denied #Chile’s five claims regarding the use of the Shirara waters and recognized #Bolivia’s sovereignty over its natural resources and its channeling. talk. As usual, use conspiracies for political gain he tweeted Morales.

The former president also said the United Nations High Court ruled that his country “has a sovereign right to dismantle its infrastructure and that any reduction in the flow of water from Sirala to Chile would not constitute a violation of Bolivia’s international obligations. ” and assured that he had proved it.

“The World Supreme Court also decides on the equitable and reasonable use of water within the framework of continued cooperation between the two countries. Our sovereignty over Silala Waters is a product of state policy. ” Added Morales.

He also thanked former ambassadors, former foreign ministers, former ministers and international experts who “worked with dedication and patriotism for this cause”.

In March 2016, he assumed the post of president. Morales has announced that he intends to sue the ICJ over what he believes to be Chile’s abuse of the Siralla water resource.

Chile, however, filed an earlier lawsuit in the same court in June of the same year to defend its theory of an international waterway that must be shared, and Bolivia responded with three counterclaims.

In Thursday’s ruling, the ICJ stressed that there was “no need to make a decision” in the dispute between Bolivia and Chile over the Silara waters, as both parties agreed that: This is an international channel, a position Chile has defended from the beginning.

Source: Biobiochile

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