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French surgeon sent to prison for trying to sell X-rays of 2015 attack victims



A Paris court on Wednesday found a surgeon guilty of trying to sell online an X-ray of a woman’s arm injured in a 2015 attack in the French capital.

Emmanuel Masmedjian, a prominent surgeon, was found guilty of violating medical secrecy, and a judge ordered him to pay €5,000 ($5,200) to his victims or sentence him to two months in prison. it was done.

In 2021, Masmejean, who worked at a hospital in the western part of the French capital, posted an image of a woman’s forearm with a Karachnikov bullet on the OpenSea auction site.

With about 20 million users, the site uses NFTs, “non-fungible tokens” that associate unforgeable certificates of authenticity with digital objects and guarantee formal ownership to a single owner. We specialize in sales.

In a description of the image, the surgeon said a woman who performed the operation at the Bataclan concert hall, one of the sites of the November 2015 attacks, “lost her boyfriend in the attack,” where 130 A man died in Paris.

The x-ray, which sold for $2,776, was never sold and was removed from its site by Opensea after research firm Mediapart broke the story.

At a September court hearing, Masmejian claimed he conducted an “experiment” by posting “shocking and historic medical images” online, which he found to be “absurd, wrong and botched.” Admitted.

The court found him guilty of two other counts of misappropriation of personal data and unlawful disclosure of harmful personal information.

He was not banned from practicing, as prosecutors demanded.

The victim’s attorney, Elodie Abraham, complained of the “politically correct” ruling.

“No one is upset that there was such a flagrant violation of medical secrecy. This is not a good message for doctors,” he said.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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