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Volvo trains 20 women as professional truck and heavy vehicle drivers.



The company has announced that 20 selected people will be trained to become professional truck drivers thanks to the Iron Women 2022 Scholarship. announced the arrival of % job potential.

under the premise of “Increase in female drivers” Announcement ceremony of the open call for participants was held Volvo Iron Women 2022 brought together 20 people selected to train to become professional truck and heavy vehicle drivers in the country.

The initiative accompanies participants throughout the professional training process and aims to increase diversity, inclusion and gender equality in the industry.

This is the second training program for women involved in the freight forwarding business. The first event will be held in the Bio-Bio region and the latter in the Metropolitan region.

Andrea Seraphine interim general director of Volvo Chile, said: “It was an outstanding debt that many women have been waiting for. With this kind of action, we promote the presence of women in our industry and many become professionals. We aim to open up new avenues for

on his part, Carol Fuenzalida the people management manager said, this year “more than 400 applications were received, demonstrating the genuine interest of Chilean women in wanting to participate in a field historically characterized by an exclusively male presence.” It shows that there is,” he said.

of 20 selected from this edition will receive a scholarship in the driving course Work with the Automobile Club to obtain a Class A-5 license that allows you to drive heavy trucks within the territory of your country.

In addition, the Volvo Academy trains you in safe and fuel-efficient driving. After obtaining a license, you can carry out professional work in one of the companies associated with ChileTransporte AG.

Volvo VM arrives in Chile

In addition to the awards ceremony, the company announced that its latest generation of trucks volvo VM, VMX, VMX Max It is expected to arrive in the country in the first quarter of 2023.

The VM is a medium-duty heavy-duty truck that stands out for safety, improved engine and transmission, improved fuel consumption, reduced maintenance and safety against conventional truck accidents.

Source: Biobiochile

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