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They capture a Salvadoran MS gang member hiding in a Guatemalan city



Hector Giovanni Carpio Avaro.

Hector Giovanni Carpio Avaro.

According to Jorge Aguilar, a spokesman for the Guatemalan Ministry of the Interior, a member of the Salvadoran gang of Mara Salvatrucha was captured in hiding in the city of San Jose Barberena, Santa Rosa department.

Through the Transborder Anti-Gang Center in Guatemala and the Trans-Border Anti-Gang Center in El Salvador, we were able to locate the criminals in the Santa Rosa sector. “

Jorge Aguilar, spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior of Guatemala.

Gang members have been identified as Eduardo Pérez or Héctor Geovanni Carpio Avalo. aka scoodyA 42-year-old man of El Salvadoran nationality wanted by the authorities of his country of origin.

Those currently in custody have been charged with murder, and appropriate arrangements are being made this afternoon to extradite the gang members to El Salvadoran land, Aguilar reported.

The Salvadoran gang member was guarded and detained by members of the Multinational Anti-Gang Center (CAT) while in a hospital in the Santa Rosa area, police reported.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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