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Borodymir Zelensky Named Time Magazine’s 2022 Person of the Year



Time magazine named President Zelensky "Ukrainian spirit" Against the resistance shown by the country against Russian aggression as Person of the Year 2022 on December 7, 2022.  AFP.

On December 7, 2022, Time magazine named President Zelensky and “The Spirit of Ukraine” 2022 Person of the Year in recognition of the country’s resistance in the face of Russian aggression. AFP.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, who embodies his country’s resistance to Russian aggression, is the new character for 2022 named by Time magazine in honor of the “spirit” of his country.

“Volodymyr, who demonstrated that courage can be as contagious as fear, inspired people and nations to unite in defense of freedom, and reminded the world of the fragility of democracy and peace. Zelensky and the Ukrainian Spirit are Time figures. It’s 2022,” writes Time editor Edward Felsenthal.

“Her decision to stay and garner support rather than flee Kiev in the weeks after the Russian bombing began on February 24 was crucial. The president of Ukraine was everywhere, right down to the daily remote addresses delivered, ”explains the Time director.

Since 1927, the distinction granted by New York magazines has usually emphasized the importance and influence of individuality on the international scene, and its popularity is not so high. In 2007, it was Russian President Vladimir Putin who was nominated for “bringing stability” to Russia and “putting Russia on the table of world powers.”

social support

But 15 years later, the decision “has never been clearer,” Time.

The former actor and comedian, who faced social unrest and declining popularity earlier this year after being elected president of Ukraine in a landslide in 2019, said, “I’m going to show the world in a way we haven’t seen in decades. It energized me,” says Felsenthal.

On the cover of Time magazine, the face of the Ukrainian president, a few days old with a beard and khakis, is the color of his army uniform, which has been his uniform since the invasion that began on February 24. Surrounded by faces. A civil society surrounded by sunflowers and a group of protesters waving blue and yellow national flags.

Among them: “Irina Kondratova, a doctor who helped her mother give birth in the basement of the hospital during the bombing,” “Engineer Oleg Kutkov,” who helped the country maintain connections, “Independent Kiev, Olga Rudenko,” chef Levgen Kropotenko, who “turned his restaurant into an emergency kitchen,” or war surgeon David Knott.

The cover of Time magazine is accompanied by a lengthy report by journalist Simon Shuster. He interviewed Zelensky in mid-November on a private railway train that took him to Kherson, a symbol of the liberated city of the Ukrainian counterattack.

“Russians must understand … they will not be tolerated. They will not be accepted by the world,” he said, preferring to compare himself to Charlie Chaplin, and preferring to compare himself to Winston Churchill. Reluctant Ukrainian president warns.

“[Chaplin]used information weapons to fight fascism during World War II,” he stresses.

The magazine also honored the “Iranian Woman” as “Heroine of the Year”, recognized American engineers Gregory Robinson and the NASA team that built the James Webb Space Telescope as “Innovator of the Year”, and honored the New York Yankees. baseball is also on the list. Player Aaron Judge set a new single-season record for rumbling (62).

Zelensky is the billionaire businessman who bought Twitter this year, following Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as president and vice president of the United States in 2020, and head of SpaceX and Tesla. He will replace Elon Musk.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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