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Dina Boruarte does not refuse to move forward with Peru presidential election, admits instability



The new president addressed from Peru this Thursday at noon Dina Boluarte after the dismissal and subsequent arrest of former president Pedro Castillo.

From Lima, the new president Peruvian national instability this was after at least five presidents were sacked one after another without completing their terms.

‘There is no instability in Peru so far’ declared for the associated media CNN Chile and ensured that this new presidency should focus on reorienting the country’s work.

Concerning the definition and appointment expectations of the Council of Ministers, Key position in the development of public policy in Peru , said there is no name yet. The above clarifies that the agreement Boluarte demanded in parliament yesterday Wednesday has not been implemented.

Finally, he reported, the possibility of internal democratic debate was not closed to convene the presidential election process and move it forward on constitutional grounds.

‘Democratically admirable’ He said it’s worth mentioning that Peruvians themselves are asking about the option.

Source: Biobiochile

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