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Lopez Obrador confirms Castillo called to request asylum at Mexican embassy in Lima



Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico.

Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed Thursday that Pedro Castillo contacted them at the Mexican Embassy in Lima to request political asylum, but he was intercepted by authorities. , was detained. After announcing the dissolution of parliament and the establishment of an emergency government.

Lopez Obrador points out Castillo was warned against going to the embassy, ​​but he regretted it “Certainly they had already had their phones tapped.”by becoming “I couldn’t get out” world “They stopped him immediately.”

“Right after they took over the embassy, ​​with police and citizens,” the president said, reporting that he had asked Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrado to speak with Pablo Monroy, the Mexican ambassador to Peru. In line with our exile tradition, they will open the door for you. ”

The Mexican president has called on the Peruvian authorities to respect Castillo’s human rights, “act with true lawfulness” and “protect his family”, while not severing ties with Peru for the time being. pointed out no. I am asking you to “wait a few days”.

“We are going to wait a few days. I think that is the most appropriate. It is not our aim to intervene in the attempted matter. I’m sorry for you,’ he said in his morning appearance before the press.

Like other leaders in the region, such as Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro, Lopez Obrador said what happened in Peru could already be seen in countries such as Brazil and Argentina with similar events. warned.

“It is important to learn the lessons, because this has been applied to different parts. is under control,” he added. .

The purpose of these operations is to “undermine the legitimate and legitimately constituted authorities, especially if they are long-suffering townspeople or want to do something for the benefit of the people but do not belong to the elite. It’s about making people ugly,” he denounced.

“The more decoupled the elite’s actions are from people’s emotions, the better,” Lopez said. Because there is no.” Workshop.

This Wednesday, the Peruvian parliament announced the closure of parliament and declared a government of emergency, amid intense political pressure and an investigation into allegations of corruption against him since taking office in July 2021. Approved the dismissal of Castillo.

After being arrested, Castillo was charged with treason. His position, established by the Constitution, was taken over by the previous Vice President, Dina Boluarte.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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