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‘Unjustified display of power’: Argentina rejects British military exercises in Malvinas



The Buenos Aires Ministry of Foreign Affairs has finally announced a “compulsory refusal” to send members of the Kosovo Security Forces (KBS) to the southern archipelago.

the government of Argentina lodged a formal complaint with England With London’s intention to conduct military exercises in falkland islands an archipelago under British control, whose sovereignty is claimed by a neighboring country, reported Thursday.

Official sources said the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned British Ambassador to Buenos Aires, Kirsty Hayes, on Tuesday afternoon to urge the Argentine government to “force” Britain’s intentions to conduct exercises and “introduce a new military entity.” I was told that I refused. Falkland Islands.

In this sense, he recalled an announcement made in the media a few days ago that “the Kosovo parliament has decided to send up to seven members of the Kosovo Security Forces (KBS) to the Malvinas Islands.” Peace according to the agreement signed with Britain regarding the incorporation of KBS personnel into the British Infantry Army at Malvinas.”

Guillermo Carmona, head of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic and Claude Rosenqweig, Argentina’s undersecretary for foreign policy, handed over a formal protest note to the British Ambassador, a military initiative carried out by the Kingdom. said:the kingdom is ‘unjustified use of force’

For the Argentine authorities, the UK initiative also represents a “deliberate deviation from the call of numerous resolutions of the UN General Assembly and other international fora urging both Argentina and the UK to resume negotiations on the Malvinas sovereignty dispute. peaceful and decisive resolution of

Similarly, the representative of Argentina noted that the military initiative violates UN General Assembly resolution 31/49. The resolution urges Argentina and the UK to refrain from adopting unilateral decisions on the Malvinas Islands. War of 1982.

“The extra-regional military presence on the islands is categorically opposed to the Argentine Republic’s permanent determination to settle disputes by peaceful means in accordance with international law and relevant United Nations resolutions,” the statement stressed. ing.

Source: Biobiochile

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