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Koreans legally ‘rejuvenate’ for up to 2 years



The law removes the traditional “Korean age” calculation system of one year from the moment of birth.

Korea On Thursday, it approved a law to do away with traditional methods of counting ages and adopt international standards.

Thanks to a new law, Koreans will have their benefits reduced by one or two years in 2023.The current system, widely known as “Korea Era” add the year to every January 1st instead of the birthday.

But on Thursday the country’s parliament passed a series of laws in official documents requiring the use of an international age-calculating system.

In a statement, the Diet said the decision was made to “resolve the social turmoil caused by the mixed use of age calculations.”

Other calculation methods for smoking and drinking

In addition to the traditional system, countries adopt another method to determine the legal smoking or drinking age, assigning 0 years to newborns and adding 1 on January 1 of each year.

International standards have also been used in some medical and legal records since the 1960s.

This means that someone born on December 9, 2022, December 31, 1992, for example, is 29 years old under the international system and 30 or 31 years old under the Korean drinking law, meaning “Korean age”.

Administrative/social issues

President Yoon Suk-yeol pushed for the change, citing administrative and social problems caused by inconsistencies in counting methods.

For some Koreans, it was an obvious reason for joy.”I’m two years younger. I’m so happy.” I’m trying to get back to my real age,” he added.

Jeong Dae-un, 29, an office worker, is pleased with this change, as she always had to think twice when asked about her age abroad. I remember foreigners puzzled me because it took.”

“Who wouldn’t want to be a year or two younger?” he added.

Source: Biobiochile

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