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Russian adversary accused of war crimes in Ukraine sentenced to eight and a half years in prison



A Moscow court this Friday sentenced former council member and opposition leader Ilya Yashin to eight and a half years in prison for “spreading false information” about “the actions of Russian troops” in the war in Ukraine. After accusing the Russian military of committing war crimes in the Ukrainian city of Bucha on his YouTube channel.

Russian judiciary sentences opposition leader to eight and a half years in prison Ilya Yashin to condemn war crimes allegedly committed by russian army North of Kyiv.

The judge deemed Yassin fully vindicated for disseminating “false information” about the military disclosed by foreign media motivated by “political hatred.”

Judge Oksana Golyunova ruled during a visit conducted at the Meshchansky Court in Moscow that “Yassin deliberately disseminated false information about the military which was presented as truthful information.”

Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code punishes dissemination of false information about the Russian military with 10 years’ imprisonment.

This is the biggest sentence against a Russian citizen since the law was passed when Russia launched military operations in Ukraine in February.

“With this hysterical ruling, the authorities want to intimidate us all, but in reality they are only confirming their weakness. and only the weak will do everything possible to cover everyone’s mouth and get rid of all dissidents,” Yashin commented on the ruling on his Telegram channel.

Opponents said justice was overly optimistic about Putin’s option to stay in the Kremlin, emphasizing that “change is just around the corner” and sentenced him to eight and a half years in prison. emphasized.

The verdict was supposed to have been handed down last Wednesday, but a bomb threat delayed the hearing until this Friday, for the same reason that five Moscow courts had to be evacuated.

This ruling contradicts Yassin’s claim that he was simply stating the point of his visit, as his opponent would have used foreign sources to fabricate the Russian military.

At that time, the Russian Commission of Inquiry Bucha It was a “provocation” announced by the Ukrainian authorities.

Yashin committed the crime on April 7 in a live YouTube stream, alluding to allegations of war crimes committed by Russian soldiers in the town of Bucha.

The politician gave a speech to Russian President Vladimir Putin demanding the withdrawal of troops from neighboring countries at the final court hearing.

ally of the opposition leader Alexei Navarni Yassin, who has been in prison for nine years, is one of the few politicians critical of the Kremlin who have not left Russia since the start of the “special military operation.”

Already in July, Amnesty International (AI) exercised its right to freedom of expression and called for the suspension of criminal prosecution of dissidents for “criticizing the actions of the Russian military in Ukraine”.

The Ukrainian Public Prosecutor’s Office has found about 400 bodies, some of which were exhumed from mass graves, in Bucha, 30 kilometers from Kiev, with evidence of gunfire, torture, or trauma of varying severity. condemned.

Source: Biobiochile

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