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Benedict XVI: Nearly 50,000 followers say their final farewell to the Pope Emeritus in St. Peter’s Square



The funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was held on Thursday in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. Nearly 50,000 believers turned out to say a final farewell to Joseph Ratzinger, who resigned from the papacy in 2013. A strong police force, including helicopters, snipers and special forces, was prepared for the ceremony. rice field.

Nearly 50,000 people attended the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI this Thursday. The figure is lower than initial estimates, according to data provided by the Vatican Gendarmerie.

Rome Police Headquarters warned this Wednesday: Up to 100,000 people could visit Plaza San Pedro About 200,000 visitors came to the cathedral during the three days of the burning chapel to say a final farewell to the Pope, who resigned in 2013.

Crowds at other papal funerals, such as that of Pope John Paul II, had not been experienced. About 200,000 believers attended.

Police control Benedict XVI’s funeral

As early as 06:00 (05:00 GMT) in the morning, believers were allowed access to St. Peter’s Square. No tickets were distributed this time. All you had to do was stand in line to enter the venue.

To access Plaza San Pedro we had to go through controls and metal detectors. Similarly, traffic was closed and vehicles parked in streets adjacent to the Vatican were removed.

Airspace across the region has been closed and made available, according to a security plan approved by the Italian capital’s police Helicopters, snipers, special forces (including combating terrorism), firefighters, city police In total, over 1,000 agents were hired.

aside from the funeral Vatican has not declared a day of mourning Everything remains open, including the Vatican Museums.

This is because Benedict XVI has not been a “holding” pope since he resigned from the papacy in 2013. Still, Holy See officials could ask for permission to attend or listen to Mass.

Source: Biobiochile

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