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‘Maternity tourism’: why hundreds of Russian women travel to Argentina to give birth



Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Argentina It has since become one of the top destinations for maternity tourism. Russia Having children in a Latin American country has several advantages.

isolation it means Russia war against Ukraine , causing many Russians to leave the country where there are no visa restrictions.one of these countries Argentina .

Georgy Polin, head of the consular section of the Russian Embassy in Argentina, speculates: 2,000-2,500 Russians to immigrate to Argentina in 2022 he said, many of them were Russian women planning to give birth in Russia.

“By 2023, that number could grow to 10,000,” says Pauline.

Benefits of Second Citizenship

And many pregnant women go to Trans-Andean countries. You can give your children the privilege of second citizenship. A Russian passport only allows you to travel to 80 countries without restrictions, while an Argentinian passport allows visa-free short-term travel to 171 countries, including the EU, UK and Japan.

Moreover, Foreign parents of a baby born in Argentina can easily obtain Argentine citizenship in less than two years.

In an extensive report in a British magazine Guardian I told the story of Polina Cherepovitskaya, one of the Russians who decided to move to Argentina for the birth of her son. Together with her husband, they left Russia as soon as the invasion began.

“Shortly after the war in Ukraine started, I found out that I was pregnant,” said Cherepovitskaya. “When we saw borders starting to close rapidly around us, we knew we had to find a place where we could travel easily. will open,” said the woman who had already given birth calmly.

Agencies specializing in maternity tourism make the process easier

There are even agencies that help women manage paperwork.one of them is baby. ruargentinaits founder Kirill Makokeev told The Guardian that his company helped more than 100 Russian women and their partners in the last year.

Makokeev started his career in Argentina as a travel guide in 2014, but soon realized the potential of the country as a destination for maternity travel and decided to focus on this field in 2018. A Russian woman who immigrated to Argentina to give birth to a light now pays between 1,000 and she 8,000. Pounds to intermediaries providing, among other things, translation and bureaucratic assistance.

Makokeev said he has reservations through May 2023 and a long waiting list. “A dozen pregnant Russians” land in Buenos Aires every day, he added.

The capital is a favorite destination among maternity travelers due to its easy access and excellent medical care. Cherepovitskaya and her husband plan to stay and live in the city and apply for citizenship.

Source: Biobiochile

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