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Electronic Family Pocket Content and How to Apply: New Government Financial Aid



President Gabriel Boric announced a series of financial aids for 2023 as part of his visit to the Los Rios region. Among them is the so-called electronic family pocket for exclusive purchases of food.

A new year begins, and with it comes household adjustments. Faced with this scenario, The government announced a new economic aid package yesterday., including Electronic Family Pocket. But… how to apply and how much is the benefit?

What is Electronic Family Pocket?

Prioritizing your grocery list and grocery shopping is essential. to help the family financially electronic family pocket replaces the Basic Food Basket donation that was valid until April 2023.

this is, 13,500 pesos remittance from the country per shipment per month devotedly Food purchase only which covers up to 20% of the purchase amount.

electronic family pocket It will be delivered monthly from May to December this year.

How do I apply for Electronic Family Pocket?

Finance Minister Mario Marcel explained that beneficiaries of the Protected Basic Basket Contribution, which has been in effect since May last year, will receive this amount.

That is, according to Chile joinsfamily subsidies and family or maternity benefits, and those who have family burdens using the Security and Opportunity Subsystem or Chile Solidario.

therefore, Application for electronic family pocket is unnecessary.

How will donations be received?

This privilege Direct deposit to root account (State Bank) of household heads covered by this measure.

The Social Welfare Institute (IPS) will make the transfer. Also, if a beneficiary does not use the amount awarded, it will carry over to the next month.

Source: Biobiochile

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