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Police couple killed in Capitol assault sues ex-President Donald Trump



A couple of police officers, Brian Schicknick, who was attacked during an attack on the Capitol and died the next day, have filed a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump.

Brian Schicknick I had a seizure during the attack on the Capitol. The next day he died from his injuries. Two years after the fatal event, the uniformed couple sued former President Donald Trump for what happened.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington on the night of Jan. 5, comes on the eve of the Capitol attack that left five dead and hundreds injured, including Sicknick. .

Sandra Garza Schicknick’s partner pointed out in court documents that the agent’s death was a “direct and foreseeable consequence” of Trump’s words in a Jan. 6 speech to supporters.

The then-president delivered a inflammatory speech from the White House before the attack on the Capitol and criticized his supporters amid baseless allegations that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. to march toward Congress Headquarters.

Individualizing attackers in litigation

The lawsuit also named two perpetrators, Julian Cutter world George Tanios Khater and Tanios pleaded guilty last year to charges related to the attack on the Capitol, awaiting sentencing. ing.

A coroner at the time ruled that Sicknick’s death was a “natural death” from a stroke, but Garza’s attorney argued in the lawsuit:All the events of January 6th (…) involved a fatal condition from a cop.

Schicknick was in the Capitol Police Department.

of Lawsuit seeks indictment against Trump and two perpetrators in wrongful death and civil rights violation conspiracy They are also proposing assault charges against Cater and Tanios, and additional charges against Trump for aiding the assault on a police officer. Attorneys demand a minimum of $10 million in compensation for each defendant.

At the Houses of Parliament this Friday With 140 seriously injured police officers in addition to Sicknick, Democrats held a minute’s silence in honor of the police victims of the assault. The remaining four were Trump supporters. Sicknick, who died at the age of 42, has been with the Capitol Police Department since 2008.

According to official data, About 140 operatives were attacked by demonstrators who supported the then president were armed with axes, bats, hockey sticks and other weapons.

Hundreds of Trump supporters storm Congressional headquarters on January 6, 2021, as the two Houses of Congress are holding a joint session to ratify Democratic Joe Biden’s victory in the November 2020 election. Did.

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