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He was sentenced to death for killing his ex-fiancée after she refused to marry him.



Mohammed Adel (right), an Egyptian who allegedly murdered a student.

Mohammed Adel (right), an Egyptian who allegedly murdered a student.

An Egyptian court has sentenced a man to death in October 2022 for murdering his ex-fiancée who refused to marry him.

The man killed Jourud El-Said, 20, at his home in Port Said, after an investigation found him breaking off an engagement due to “excessive jealousy” and a “dominant attitude,” according to the newspaper. Turned out to have killed Al-Ahram.

During the trial, prosecutors heard a man threatening to kill her during a phone call from El Sayed to a friend who had asked for help. I have confirmed that I have received

Similarly, another witness said he saw the defendant enter the young woman’s home from the balcony on the night of the murder, as confirmed by security cameras installed around it.

The verdict is the third death sentence in recent months for such a case in Egypt. In June, a man publicly murdered her student Nayera Ashraf for refusing her marriage proposal. A young woman was stabbed and her throat slit on the campus of Mansura University.

Later, college student Salma Bhagat was also killed in broad daylight at the entrance of a building in the city of Zagazig, capital of Sharqiyah governorate.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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