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US’s Donald Trump and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro: same to the end?



Like Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro missed re-election without knowing if he would win. But neither the United States nor Brazil doubt that their move will continue to have effect beyond their respective mandates.

Since running for president, Jair Bolsonaro has long been called “Tropical Donald Trump” And until the last moment, he seemed to want to imitate the old Americans. Having narrowly lost in the polls, he refused to concede his defeat and said he had been silent for days but would eventually follow the Constitution.

After months of calculated silence, he finally traveled to Miami, Florida, on December 30, Lula da Silva Arrived 2 days later. He’s still staying there, hoping for “a few months of rest,” reawakening his parallels with the Republican heavyweights.

From the beginning, Bolsonaro donald trump Italian Matteo Salvini and Hungarian Victor Orban In office.Praised by far-right populist officials in Germany German Alternate (AfD). One of his sons, Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, has close ties to American political agitators. Steve Bannon.

Similarly, the current former Brazilian president also serves as a right-wing role model in the region of leaders such as: Keiko Fujimori of Peru , Rodolfo Hernandez of Columbia or Jose Antonio Casto of Chile .

But arguably the most obvious relationship, in the eyes of Brazil’s mainstream media, was her closeness to Donald Trump. Until the last moment. actually, BBC Brazil He said both leaders’ defeats came without any indication of fraud that could have changed the outcome of both elections, but both were dissatisfied with the results and also accused fraud in their campaigns.

Similarly, both Bolsonaro and Trump have come under a variety of scrutiny, including the spread of falsehoods that could cost lives in the pandemic, and their conflicts with other powers of the state.

The climax of both governments came after losing their respective re-elections, and in the case of Brazil, Bolsonaro left the country.Brazilian media recall last time something similar happened OUOLIt was in 1985 that the last leader of the military dictatorship, João Baptista Figueiredo, left power and refused to hand over the flag to José Sarney.

“A Ridiculous and Criminal Moment”

In the words of fellow media political scientist and columnist Robson Carvalho: “Until recently, many people asked if we would experience as ridiculous and criminal moments here in Brazil as Americans did in the face of the defeat of Donald Trump and the election of Joe Biden. I did.”

of column “The attacks on democracy in the United States are more visible and awe-inspiring on the day of the Joint Session of Congress, despite months of questioning about Trump’s constant attacks and the election he lost. It was focused in a way… a chamber aimed at announcing the results of the election and confirming Biden as the victorious president.

“The world watched in amazement at the invasion and attack on America. Houses of Parliament ”.

“If you look at Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro has someone like former President Donald Trump. In aesthetics, form and content” he compares, saying that the current former Brazilian president “has led an attack on democracy through action and inaction during his tenure.”

For Brazil, he explains: Denial”.

“Then, after an authoritarian and unbridled escalation, increasingly difficult conditions were created to maintain the democratic regime in Brazil until the power of the vote decided to maintain democracy in Brazil. ,” accolades the analyst.

However, despite the vote win, a command change was not immediately guaranteed.“There has never been a moment of peace in a country already in perpetual tension from day one of the defeat of Jair Bolsonaro, who had no masculinity to acknowledge consequences. Already guilty of the crime of attacking democratic regimes on a daily basis, without concessions and bloating to their leaders through coded messages and speeches accompanied by intriguing silences, the Bolsonists have been accused of acts of terrorism under systematic cover. I started doing my worst deeds.

In this sense, he refers to the Bolsonaro group’s encampment outside the barracks calling for a police-sanctioned roadblock, or a military coup, and finally “for two buses, ten private cars.” Terrorist attack by Bolsonaro who set the fire”. He tried to break into the federal police headquarters. “

“This episode occurred on the same day that the victory of the incoming president was made official. is the act of stands out.

According to reports from the former president’s environment, he even lamented them with great emotion in his last speech as president, to avoid personally stirring up the kind of wave of violence he experienced. In order to do so, the silence of his grave was maintained.

strategic alliance

As UOL recalled, Washington Post It even reported that Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo, met with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida. The former president advised them to contest the results. He would also have met in Arizona with former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, who was convicted of obstructing an investigation into the 2021 attack on the Capitol.

Columnist Andre Cintra Asked Days after Lula’s victory, he said, “Jair Bolsonaro, the first Brazilian president to fail to win a re-election race, is on par with former President Donald Trump.”

Touted as “outsiders” by politics, they came to power in the course of an unprecedented wave of far-right popular appeal. They were defeated, among other things, because they didn’t face the COVID-19 pandemic and didn’t respond to the economic crisis,” he estimates.

flat, economist I came to say that “Brazil’s president resembles Trump in the worst ways” “Whether he wins or loses, Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to Brazil’s democracy”

According to the magazine, in the face of defeat, the current former president of Brazil “probably instigated a riot like the one suffered by the United States when a mob of Donald Trump supporters broke into the Capitol on January 6, 2021. There is a possibility of doing so,” he feared. , or maybe even worse. ”

Self-Announced Defeat

Cintra said, “Whether he wanted to pretend to be Trump or not, Bolsonaro in 2018 was less confident of winning than those around him. He imagined his refusal would be an obstacle to defeating his opponent in the final second round, but suddenly, in the first round, he was defeated. I realized that I could even win.

“In 2022, his sentiments were reversed,” the columnist said, noting that despite his efforts, “Bolsonaro let his allies fly ships clear and others fly ships cautiously. But he himself, like Trump, boasted with uncanny confidence in his candidacy that re-election was inevitable.

But after his defeat, Bolsonaro did not continue to question the electronic ballot box or Lula’s victory, but he accused “injustice” and those who were with the president found him “sad” and “upset.” ‘, ‘lost’.

Bolsonaro and the far-right may have lost the presidential election by a narrow margin, but they are far from losing politically, says David Magalhães, a professor of international relations at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, who founded the Far-Right Observatory in early 2020. Warning (OED).

Former president now defeated “He has managed to unite different sections of the Brazilian right, organize a movement familiar to street demonstrations, and is very active on social media.” , Remember. “It has also legitimized extremists and violent groups. This right wing will continue to demonstrate, intimidate, cause riots and take to the streets for the left who will come to power in 2023.”

However, after Lula came to power, the symbolic faction that called for military “intervention” against Lula da Silva’s return to power was dismantled.

Of the camp, which had come to gather about 10,000 people, some abandoned tents and some signs left on the ground still read “Army Saves Brazil”.

Source: Biobiochile

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