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After the attack, the Brazilian Congress, the presidential palace and the Supreme Court are again under the control of the security forces



President Lula is currently on an official visit to the state of Sao Paulo

In the Brazilian capital Brasilia, a crowd of supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro stormed the buildings of Congress, the presidential palace and the Supreme Court. GloboNews TV reports that all three institutions are now back under the control of security forces.

Bolsonaro’s supporters do not recognize the victory Luiza Inacio Lula in the October elections.

The crowd with Brazilian flags broke through the police security and first occupied the roof of the Congress building, then stormed the Congress building and the ministries. The police tried to intervene with tear gas, but failed to stop the protesters.

After the attack on Congress, Bolsonaro’s supporters headed towards the Supreme Court building, where they managed to enter the lobby.

Then they headed towards the Planalto presidential palace, which is the official seat of the Brazilian president, reports the Brazilian online portal G1, which is referred to by the German news agency DPA.

The president Luiza Inacio Lula da Silva he is currently not in the presidential palace, as he is on an official visit to the state of Sao Paulo. There are supposed to be some of his colleagues in the building, who will try to evacuate them by helicopter.

Protesters destroyed furniture and stole equipment in the premises of the Brazilian authorities. Brazilian media estimated the crowd to be around 3,000 people.

All available security forces have been deployed to the area

Lulu’s Workers’ Party called on the State Prosecutor’s Office to order the security forces to take action to contain the riots. Governor of Brasilia Ibanez Rocha said that all available security forces had been deployed to the area. As of Saturday, he is the Minister of Justice Flavio Dino authorized the deployment of national public safety forces to the congressional district, tweeting on Sunday that “this absurd attempt to impose a will by force will not prevail“.

Protesters also stormed the Planalto presidential palace.  Photo: Reuters

President of the Senate: Anti-democratic acts must be punished

I condemn these anti-democratic acts, which must be punished with the severity of the law,” wrote the President of the Senate on Twitter Rodrigo Pacheco. “I spoke on the phone with the governor of the Federal Territory, Ibaneis Rocha, with whom we are in constant contact. The governor informed me that the efforts of all the police forces are aimed at gaining control over the situation,” Pacheco added, according to the German news agency DPA. In the meantime, there are accusations on social networks that the police did not seriously intervene against the invading protesters.

Protesters are calling for a military coup

Already after the electoral defeat, several supporters of Bolsonaro gathered in the capital Brasilia and announced that they do not recognize the outcome of the election. In the weeks after the election, they organized several protests, which also erupted in clashes with the police, and demanded that the army prevent Lula from returning to power. The group has been holding out in front of the headquarters of the military command in Brasilia since the election.

In the presidential election on October 30, the candidate of the left and former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva defeated the then far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.

The incident is reminiscent of the invasion of the US Capitol in January last year

Bolsonaro has repeatedly expressed doubts about the credibility of the election results and the electronic voting system. 48 hours before the end of his term, the former president left the country and went to Florida, USA.

Today’s scenes in Brasilia are reminiscent of what happened on January 6, 2021, when supporters of former US President Donald Trump, who also did not recognize the results of the election, stormed the Capitol.

Foreign leaders condemned the invasion

Leaders of South American countries condemned the invasion of Congress. “All my solidarity is with Lula and the people of Brazil,” tweeted the Colombian president Gustavo Petro. Chilean President Gabriel Boric said Lula’s government has his full support”at this a cowardly and vile attack on democracy“.

Source: Rtvslo

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