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Lula government condemns theft of weapons during attack on Planalto Palace



Destruction included damage to important works of Brazilian historical heritage, such as the Muratas murals, works of art by Di Cavalcanti, or Araguaia by artist Marianne Peretti.

of Paulo Pimenta, Minister of the Brazilian Secretariat for Social Communication, said: accused of firearm theft Institutional security cabinet room Planalto Palace during an attack by followers of former President Jair Bolsonaro.

“Each of these briefcases carries a weapon, a lethal weapon, and a non-lethal weapon,” Pimenta denounced in a video posted on social networks, accusing those empty briefcases. You can see.

Pimenta said they tried to set fire to one of these rooms, claiming a robbery by “criminals” who broke into the headquarters of the Brazilian executive branch. “Another crime committed by the enemy of democracy,” he claimed.

next to him you can see Wadi Damus, Director of the National Consumer Affairs Office under the Ministry of Justice The person responsible for the robbery warned that he “had information about what had to be taken” from the room. rice field.

In an attack on the Planalto Palace, Bolsonaro’s followers destroyed government offices. First Lady, Losangela Janja Silva, And Minister Pimenta is not so with Lula’s, who has additional security.

“President Lula’s room has thick glass (…) barriers. It’s isolated like an aquarium. They managed to destroy Janja’s office,” said Minister Pimenta.

The trail of destruction left by Bolsonaro’s supporters includes damage to important pieces of Brazil’s historical heritage. Works of art such as Muratas by Di Cavalcanti and Araguaia by artist Marianne Peretti.

“Works of art, sculptures, torn, pierced and broken pieces,” lamented Pimenta, assuring the attackers had specifically targeted the Secretariat’s facilities, which he directs.

At the headquarters of the High Court, damage affected what is known as the Hall of Busts, with sculptures of important figures in Brazilian history, including the man responsible for creating this court, Rui Barbosa . A replica of the original Constitution was stolen, and the rug of Pedro his II daughter, Princess Isabel, was damaged.

According to sources from the Supreme Court to the newspaper “O Globo”, the damage to the historical heritage is immeasurable and irreparable. Supreme Court Justice Rosa Weber condemned the facility as “horribly vandalized by criminals, vandals and anti-democrats.”

Source: Biobiochile

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