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German defense minister resigns amid debate over tank shipments to Ukraine



German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced her resignation on Monday. She has been the subject of criticism for two weeks, with debate over her successor remaining open amid the war in Ukraine, after pressuring Germany to provide heavier military supplies. to conflict.

German Defense Minister, Christine Lambrecht announced his resignation on Monday after being weakened by a series of war-related controversies and errors. Ukraine as Berlin is under pressure to increase military support to Kyiv.

Lambrecht has been at the center of criticism, especially after broadcasting a video celebrating the year he celebrated about the “encounter” the war in Ukraine gave him.

“With months of media focus on me, I am unable to establish relationships or have objective discussions about soldiers. german army The direction of security policy for the benefit of the (German army) and German citizens,” lamented Lambrecht in a statement broadcast to the press.

In this connection, “I asked the Chancellor (Olaf Scholz) today (Monday) to remove me from my duties as defense minister,” added the responsible social democrat.

At this time, the name of his successor or successor has not been revealed, but several names have been circulating in the press. Eva Hegl member of the German parliament for defense and responsible for the annual report on the army, or Lars Klingvale Co-leader of Lambrecht’s party, SPD.

The announcement comes at a time when Germany is under pressure to supply Ukraine with tanks.

And this Friday, at the US military base in Ramstein, West Germany, there will be a meeting of Western allies across America. It is hoped that new aid to Ukraine will be announced in it.

“The valuable work of soldiers and many motivated people must come to the fore,” said Lambrecht.

Lambrecht, 57, was Minister of Justice in Angela Merkel’s previous coalition government.

controversial video

Since the war started in Ukraine at the end of February, the minister has chained together a series of failures.

A few days ago, the head of the German government, Olaf Scholz, expressed strong support for her, but mounting criticism of the minister has shaken her position.

Lambrecht drew criticism from Kyiv by announcing shipments of 5,000 helmets just before the invasion began after the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded heavy weapons.

He also used an army helicopter to go on vacation with his son.

early January, The video in which he celebrated the New Year was a straw that broke the back of a camel.

In the video, the minister appears in central Berlin, his hair blowing in the wind, and speaks about the war in Ukraine as firecrackers and fireworks explode at a celebration.

“War is raging in the middle of Europe,” the minister said in a recording, noting that “so many meetings with interesting and formidable people” allowed her to wage the conflict. Thank you for all this,” he claimed.

Lambrecht also embodies the shortcomings of the military, its material is rather outdated and has problems with modernization.

In mid-December, Germany canceled new orders for Puma tanks after a series of malfunctions.

Lambrecht ranked last among politicians, second only to co-leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) political party, according to the latest Insa Institute barometer. Another poll found that 77% of Germans wanted him to resign.

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