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Brazil’s Supreme Court Voids Latest Pardon for Police Officer Convicted of Bolsonaro Prison Massacre



Brazil’s Supreme Court on Tuesday suspended, as a precautionary measure, a pardon granted last December by then-President Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2022) to soldiers and police officers convicted in the Kalandil prison massacre. .

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Brazil Judge Rosa Weber revokes ex-president’s last pardon Jair Bolsonaro To the dozens of police officers and soldiers convicted of killing 111 prisoners during a riot operation at the São Paulo prison in 1992. Kalandil massacre.

The amnesty was one of the last operations President Bolsonaro carried out before taking office, and it got even darker on January 8 after thousands of his supporters stormed the headquarters of the three powers.

Weber’s decision responded to a request from Brazil’s Attorney General, Augusto Arras, who sent an unconstitutional claim to parts of the order to the Supreme Court at the end of December 2022, accusing it of violating the international obligations of the Brazilian state. Thing. Prosecute and punish those responsible for crimes against humanity.

The judicial process has dragged on for decades, and it took until a decade ago to sentence 74 police officers for the murder of 77 prisoners.

Their sentences ranged from 48 to 624 years in prison, but neither sentence was handed down because Brazilian law prohibits prison time for the same offense for more than 40 years.

Of the convicted agents, five have already died, one of whom has been murdered, and the remaining 69 are still alive. More than 30 years later, no one has gone to prison, thanks in part to the defendants appealing their respective sentences.

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