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Secrets behind the arrest of Ovidio Guzman and the birth of a new ‘drug trafficking queen’



“El Chapo” is in a security prison. ‘El Raton’ has been locked up in his lair and his wife Jesús Adriana has emerged as the ‘new queen of drug trafficking’. Emma Coronel already has one leg out of prison. In this column, journalist Annabel Hernández reveals the inside and outside of this criminal plot for Deutsche Welle.

For a drug dealer’s family Joaquin Guzman Loera alias “El Chapo” 2024 looks like a tumultuous year of reorganization of powers, alliances and families.members of the Guzman family Sinaloa Cartel and their actions have a direct impact on Mexico and the world because of its criminal power, its violence, its political and economic influence.

The fact that El Chapo is being held day and night in a high-security US prison sentenced to life in prison doesn’t mean the Guzman family’s story is over.

in the meantime Ovid Guzman Lopez commonly known as “mouse” He is Chapo’s son, who is only 32 years old. Emma Coronel Ice Pro Chapo’s wife, who is the same age as his son-in-law, is set to be released this year after favorable treatment from the same country’s Ministry of Justice, which is trying to put a “mouse” in prison.

According to his attorney, Ovidio suffers from serious health problems and suffers from “depression” and “anxiety.” Instead, Emma, ​​the mother of El Chapo’s two daughters, appears to have been reborn. About being not only part of the Guzmán clan, but also how Ovidio and Emma passed the same litmus test between love and freedom, both stories intertwine like a Greek tragedy.

preferential treatment

Emma was only 17 years old, so she became involved in the world of drug trafficking when she began a sentimental relationship with El Chapo, who was 32 years her senior. Together with Kapo, he fathered twin daughters, was involved in her husband’s criminal activities, enjoyed illegal money, worked as a courier, and even bribed public officials for warrants. , her husband. Indictment against him by the US government.

Drugs, weapons, violence, escapades and infidelity were part of Emma’s daily life, with Guzman Roella becoming the most famous face of the Sinaloa Cartel around the world. In 2014, she was with El Chapo, her little twin daughters and a nanny when an operation organized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency DEA enlisted the help of an elite group of the U.S. Navy to break into an apartment in Mazatlan. The husband did not resist arrest, probably because he had a family.

Since El Chapo’s return to prison, Emma conspired with her sons-in-law, Iván Archibald, Alfredo Guzman Salazar and Ovidio Guzman Lopez to escape El Chapo from a high-security prison known as “El Altiplano” in mid-2015. I made a plan. The prison where Ovidio Guzman is currently held.

El Chapo was rearrested, extradited to the United States, and sentenced to life in prison in 2019 in the Eastern District of New York. Her complicity in Emma’s drug trafficking was televised during her husband’s trial. She was detained at Washington’s Dulles International Airport in February 2021. According to sources at the U.S. Department of Justice, news agency Vice said Emma’s surrender was “a sign that she plans to cooperate with law enforcement…” the agency quoted a source as saying.

El Chapo’s wife signed a plea bargain and in November 2021 was sentenced to just three years in prison, the minimum sentence based on the 10 to 20 years imprisonment that awaited her. In September 2022, her attorney, Marielle Colón, commented to the media that Emma had achieved a commutation of her sentence, and according to official information from federal prison, Emma is now at the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth. FMC) is admitted to Carswell. In Texas, she was released on Sept. 13 and is obliged to spend four years on supervised release.

The place where she is held is the Federal Administrative Security Medical Center, a prison where inmates with health problems are treated, with minimal security areas for certain profiles of inmates. Colon said her clients join a program that allows them to get out of prison during the day and sleep again at night.

New Emma?

Emma’s last public memory was an illustrator’s drawing of a District of Columbia courthouse wearing a green prison uniform. But last week, I was able to access photos of myself inside a social rehabilitation center with Emma Coronel Icepro. Apparently from April 2022.

Gucci, Dolce Gabanna, Prada outfits, and provocative clothes that cling like a second skin to her curves are gone, at least for now. Drag Her Queen’s self-imposed crown is no longer on her temples, with a rebellious look and lips like red apples. But she wasn’t wearing her usual sad rules prison uniform either. suggestive – and very white tennis shoes. Over his slanted eyes, he wears white-rimmed glasses.

Away from flashy jewelry, she wears gold earrings and a pair of rings of the same color, as well as a black watch. There is a black man dressed in khakis, but FMC Carswell could be another inmate, except that it is for women only. He doesn’t wear makeup and has a calm expression.

Emma is a US citizen as are her two daughters. As soon as she is released, she will not be deported to Mexico. She has four years of probation in the United States with members of her maternal family in California. Not bad for someone who was an accomplice to the world’s most powerful drug lord. Is it possible to live a life of

Tragedy of Ovid and Adriana

While Emma begins packing, her son-in-law Ovid is in prison. An agency official who participated in his capture of one of the members of the “Los Chapitos” clan, led by Iván Archival do Guzmán Salazar, provided details of his Narco capture, which the Mexican government did not want to officially acknowledge. The version was corroborated by various sources.

The operation had several stages. U.S. government agents, members of the Naval Special Operations Forces (UNOPES), and the National Intelligence Center (CNI) collaborated on the initial location and detention investigations. At 10:00 pm on 4 January, the operation was said to have commenced with a concentration of naval elements. “We didn’t know anything until 10 p.m. They called us to Mazatlan and took away all our equipment, but we figured that was another matter,” said the source. one said. Other elements were summoned in Mochis, Sinaloa. Elements of the US government would have arrived from Sonora. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is said to have been unaware of the operation.

At 2am, action began around Jesús Maria, where Ovidio was. As noted in his previous collaborations on DW, the location was designated by his DEA. “Coordinates were sent from Costa Rica and Cosala,” the source reported. The first, the Culiacan union, and the second, the municipality where Ovidio’s wife Jesús Adriana Mesa Torres was born, were key to the arrest.

Jesús Adriana, now called “the new queen of drug trafficking” after Ovidio’s arrest, matched Emma’s situation in 2016, revealed in an interview I gave her. She was born on October 6, 1989 and was registered in Cosala, Sinaloa. She is the daughter of drug lord Raul Mesa Ontiveros, a lieutenant and partner of the Sinaloa Cartel, known as “El M 6”, and her two other members of the criminal gang, Javier Torres. Felix, I’m Aida Elizabeth Torres Felix, sister of “JT”. , and Manuel Torres Felix, aka “M1” or “El Ondead”, the latter of whom was present on the day Ovidio’s brother Edgar Guzman Lopez was accidentally murdered in 2008.

Ovidio and Adriana had at least two daughters. He was arrested while he was with his wife and daughter, as happened in the DEA’s 2014 operation that arrested his father in Mazatlan.

Despite successfully locating Ovidio, he managed to escape from the house of Jesús Maria where he was. He had already led for several minutes when the protective shields were activated, but his wife and daughter were trapped when aerial fire from the operating aircraft began. One of her daughters was alleged to have suffered a nervous breakdown from the shooting, and Adriana called Ovidio to tell her that her daughter was in serious danger. It is claimed that Chapo’s son returned for them, whereupon they reached a deal to capture him and keep his family safe and sound.

According to another informant who agrees with this version, a member of the U.S. government spoke with him. At 5:30 a.m., in reaction to the forces of “Los Chapitos”, the burning of the first vehicles is said to have begun in Jesús Maria, Culiacan and other areas of Sinaloa, such as Badiraguato, but they were forced to leave all the firepower. It is asserted that you have not exhausted the

The Army and National Guard would have launched operations at the second and third moments as reinforcements, but Ovidio had already been captured.

An attack by the armed group “Los Chapitos” injured a member of the Special Operations Forces, suffered “structural damage to the hydraulic system” of an Aeromexico plane and directly hit a third plane at the international airport in the city of Culiacan. Under attack, one of his propellers caught fire.

Military helicopters, including EC-725 Registration 1006 and National Guard ULTRA ULTUH-60 aircraft, transported Mexican government wounded. I have a name, but I won’t publish it for safety.

Nearly 200 people were killed in the operation, but the Mexican government is said to have removed the bodies. This version is consistent with the version provided by a local resident who spoke to her on the phone on January 6, when Jesús Maria was still being taken into the army. “It was a field of war against civilians. I don’t know the scale, but there are many dead and many wounded.”

An official of one of the participating agencies noted that there was “collateral damage, 28 civilian casualties.” By definition, they are not supposed to be members of criminal groups.

Extradition of Ovidio Guzman Lopez is not a legal matter, but a political decision, according to a former official who is an expert on the matter. The judge’s role in determining whether an extradition request complies with international standards is purely procedural, and the determination of whether the requirements are met falls to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Marcelo Ebrado, who has the final say. I’m here. It is also up to Ovid to impose legal barriers to delivery or facilitate delivery. If El his Chapo son clears the legal roadblock, politically speaking it will be very costly for the AMLO government to avoid his extradition. Sinaloa Cartel.

It would be scandalous if “El Raton” got involved in an incident in prison or escaped due to interference by the Mexican government.

Source: Biobiochile

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