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Not only food: In Chile, the transport cost index also caused inflation more than doubled



The transportation cost index results were mainly explained by an increase in the human resources group.

not only, basic food basket After recording a 28.2% rise in the last month of 2022, the country’s inflation rate has more than doubled. Other factors continue to put pressure on the pocket.

The National Institute for Statistics (INE) said Wednesday last December that transportation cost index (ICT) also more than doubled the cumulative inflation rate (12.8%). It shows a monthly increase of 0.1%, accumulating 26.2% in 2022.

The results are mainly Increase in HR groups (0.5%), which impacted the monthly variation of general ICT by 0.169 percentage points.

in the meantime, financial operations It recorded a monthly variation of 1.5% with an incidence of 0.148 percentage points, while other services related to transportation “recorded a monthly variation of zero to one decimal place with an incidence of 0.004 percentage points.”

in the meantime, Spare parts and accessories for vehicle operation and maintenance It showed a monthly variation of -0.4% with an incidence of -0.037 percentage points.

fuel finally, “recorded a monthly variation of -0.4% with an incidence of -0.150 percentage points”.

Source: Biobiochile

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