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Sonami regrets rejecting Dominga: ‘It was difficult for ministers to oppose President Boric’



The union also regrets that the project is not supported by the Ministry of Mines and the Ministry of Economy. and accused this of being “inconsistent” with speeches in front of business organizations.

of National Mining Association (Sonami) I regret that the committee of ministers refused Dominga mining project which included investments of “more than $3.5 billion,” he said.

The union, through its president Jorge Riesco, claimed that the decision was not “technical” but in response to the “fulfillment of promises envisioned during the presidential election” by head of state Gabriel Boric.

“It was very difficult for his ministers to go against him and approve the investment.” hold.

The president of the mining union said the project was supported in all technical cases and that the delay was ” prosecution strategy It has been repeated in other cases and we regret it. ”

In parallel, he added, it was “evidence that the project has wide support in the commune of La Higuera and in the Coquimbo area”. For his “contribution to employment and development”.

Finally, Jorge Riesco regretted that the mining and economic ministries did not support the project.and condemned it This “contradicts” their discourse in front of business organizations.

Source: Biobiochile

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