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The government will inject $580 billion into other communes in Laigera and Coquimbo after Dominga’s rejection.



This is a local government program and is now under the control of the Ministry of Finance’s Department of Budget (Dipres).

On Wednesday, a ministerial committee rejected a US$2.5 billion Dominga port mining project that hoped Andean Iron would extract copper and iron in Coquimbo. This also included the port of La Higuera for the export of minerals.

Apart from setting up a desalination plant and not relying on local water resources, Dominga also proposed creating 11,000 jobs, according to the company’s own estimates.

After environment minister Maitha Rojas explained why she opposes the idea, economics chief Nicolas Grau recalled plans underway from 2022 to help the region. A country with some development problems.

This is the Kirimari Rag Zone Plan. The idea is still pending approval, but is in the hands of the Treasury Department’s Budget Office (Dipres), who plans $580 billion to support 260 initiatives over eight years.

Among the activities funded are, for example, connectivity and coverage of basic services, rural drinking water, and work to improve coves.

Government: ‘Don’t leave them alone’

“We want to make it clear to the people in the region listening to us this morning that they are not alone and that as a government we intend to help them. Minister commented.

“This is a project that we have been working on for a long time. Beyond the fact that we have made a decision today, we need to work on a plan that is appropriate to our system and, of course, embedded in different scenarios,” Minister Rojas explained. Based on the scenario, I would like to point out the following very clearly: As a government, we would like to take this step that has been underway for several months to strengthen this sector through this plan for lagging regions. We’re going to speed up the process,” he stressed.

If Dipres gives the go-ahead, some of the measures will go into operation in 2023, the same year, Grau confirmed.

Asked about possible state abandonments in the area, Grau declined to mention what has or hasn’t been done in the past, pointing to what is available. Local authorities play a very important role and respond to us as the central government is to mobilize resources and provide the conditions so that this role at the regional level can improve the economic development of the region. That’s it. , he explained.

Source: Biobiochile

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