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Industrial producer price index records gains driven by manufacturing



Wood pulp, paper and cardboard manufacturing was the class with the most impact on the 12-month volatility of the manufacturing sector. On the other hand, mining and processing of copper is negative.

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) reports: Year-on-year + Cumulative 3.0% increase Industrial Producer Price Index (IPP) in December 2022 (mining, manufacturing, power, gas and water sector aggregates).

The Manufacturing Producer Price Index (IPPMan) was the index that had the most impact on the 12-month change in industrial PPI, rising 16.2% in the last month of 2022, accumulating.

Manufacturing of Wood pulp, paper and cardboard were the most influential classes an increase of 31.0%.

Meanwhile, the Power, Gas and Water Distribution Price Index (IPDEGA) showed a cumulative 7.9% increase over the 12-month period.The classes that have had the greatest impact on index volatility are Water collection, treatment and distribution with growth of 17.8%.

Finally, the Mining Producer Price Index (IPPMin) recorded an annual and cumulative change of -4.9%. The class with the most pronounced negative impact on the metric’s interannual variability is Copper mining and processing (-9.6%).

Source: Biobiochile

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