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M&M announces retirement of iconic ‘pet’ after controversy over female character



After a controversy over changing the shoes of two female M&M characters, Mars Inc. made a bizarre statement that it was withdrawing its cartoon.

Mars, the candy company that owns M&Ms, has announced that it will indefinitely retire seven “spokesperson candies” following controversy over new images of its female characters.

It all started a year ago when the company modified two M&M shoes for women. The high-heeled “go-go” style boots have been replaced with sports her shoes instead of green candy, and the brown boots have been replaced with stilettos. High-heeled shoes. For people with wide heels.

according to CNN, an internet campaign calling for making green M&Ms “sexy” has again reached 20,000 signatures and was even criticized in media such as The Washington Post. A character who becomes a “little slut”.

Controversial M&M mascot change

The straw that broke the camel’s back seems, at least to some, to be the introduction of a new female character, a purple M&M “designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity,” along with green and brown. , recently “Snacks.” Special edition for International Women’s Day.

purple m&m

They accuse M&M of being ‘too politically correct’

That latest change has sparked a wave of media criticism from other political sides. In particular, it accused M&M of being “awakened” or “too politically correct” and Fox News seeking public verification by releasing purple candy linked to the feminist movement.

In a statement via Twitter indicating that these candy characters were probably the last to do so before an “indefinite hiatus,” the company today said it was stunned by the repercussions of the image change, citing the harassment of conservative commentators. does not mention, but he answers with humor.

M&M characters wearing old shoes

“I wasn’t sure no one would notice. And I definitely didn’t think this was going to break the internet. But now I see. Even candy shoes can be polarizing.” This is the last thing M&M wanted because the most important thing for us is connecting people,” he says.

Instead of painting a candy picture as a spokesperson, the company shows that from now on it will have someone who can get the US to “agree.” Maya Rudolph is an actress. A world where everyone feels they belong. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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