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‘This is a father’s love’: Chilean Jesuit leader accused in Spain of covering up abuse



Victims of sexual abuse by church members accused Jesuit leaders of a cover-up. The victim’s fictitious name is David, who was abused from the age of 13 by pedophile Juan Miguel Returia in Osorno.

complaints against the leadership of yes company In Chile, a victim of sexual abuse by a deceased pedophile, Juan Miguel Returia, has emerged due to a cover-up.

David is a fictitious name given to the newspaper. Country Identified Jesuit victims.According to the outlet, the victim filed a complaint against Seven Provinces of the Society of Jesus and a dozen priests.

Specifically, the complaint is meant to cover up the fact that he suffered, admitted, and was condemned by the church. unwilling to investigate negligence investigating such conduct .

Pedophile: ‘This is a father’s love’

The abuse that David was a victim of began in 1988, when i was just 13 The victim studied at the San Mateo Company of Jesus College in Osorno, Los Lagos Region.

At that time, Juan Miguel Leturia was the director of the venue. His complaint states that the Jesuit took the victim to his office. “He Said We Were His Chosen Ones” entrusted.

In this parsonage, Juan Miguel Leturia sexually abused minors.

Through the school corridor, the victim ran into another priest. David emphasized that these priests knew what Leturia was doing to them. He specifically mentions two of his: Thomas Gavin and Alejandro Pizarro both rectors of the university in the following years.

Petitioner said Leturia left the institution for a while in 1988 because of a “severe depression.” In 1990, when David was 15 years old, Leturia began writing to him. I was traveling from Santiago to Osorno to see him .

Another abuse occurred in 1995 when David traveled to Santiago to see Leturia and go to the pool. “I love you. This is father’s love. ” he told Spanish media.

At the Jesuit University of San Mateo in Osorno, Abuse already known to everyone David was convinced.

Already ten years later, David, now living in Spain, recounted in two letters to Guillermo Barranda, State Congregationalist, the abuses he had suffered. I looked for a lawyer and contacted the order.

I assure you that it was through an intermediary that they offered to pay him compensation in exchange for his withdrawal, which he refused. Complaint dismissed.

congregation dome

Victims say they made their denunciations through letters to various authorities in the congregation. Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz was then Archbishop of Santiago.

Despite being told that some arrangement would be made, David this didn’t happen .

The congregation launched an investigation against Leturia, but the victim assured that he had not been informed about it and therefore did not testify.

In May 2020, the Vatican announced that his complaint, filed in the ecclesiastical court of Barcelona in 2019, “generic and ambiguous” Therefore, the authenticity of the facts could not be confirmed. In December of the same year, the order publicly acknowledged abuses in an out-of-court agreement; not an accusation of cover-up .

However, Juan Miguel Leturia, who died in 2011, was convicted by orthodox justice. 2005 Criminal case dismissed .

In 2021, David asked Cardinal Celestino Aoz Braco for help, but he swears he has not received any.

“The cover-up is the church’s Achilles heel” he showed to the medium.

Jesuit reaction

Through a statement posted on its website, the Jesuits noted that Juan Miguel Leturia was suspended from office in 2005 after a legitimate investigation was launched.

He was subsequently sanctioned by the Vatican’s Ministry of Doctrine in 2006 with a ban on contact with minors and a three-year suspension from missionary activity, which was renewed in 2009.

Finally, the Jesuits indicate that they regretted the acts committed by Leturia, as well as the acts presented in both this complaint and the other cases, and that they undertook various reparative processes.

Source: Biobiochile

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