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Marcel argues for pension reform deal, thinks opposing process is ‘not very sensitive’



Meanwhile, Minister Marcel emphasized the government’s initiative on social assistance projects beyond pension reform. This will be debated in the Senate and represents a financial cost of US$2,000 million.

Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel dealt with the latest negotiations with Chile come on with the aim of voting on the idea of ​​legislating a pension reform bill.

The minister made a speech this Tuesday morning infinite radius The country’s economic scenario and the conclusion of the legislative year.

As further explained by financial journal, Within the framework of pension reform, the authorities indicated that there was political consensus that the project should be implemented despite conflicts with opposition parties.

Government officials said “the belief that reforms are needed is fairly widespread across the political spectrum”.

The Secretary of State emphasizes when setting out the direction of pension reform, and does not overly speed up discussions so as not to lose sight of what he is trying to achieve.

“Political realism can end up being a very disjointed project if it’s not clear where we want to go,” Marcel said.

Vote for pension reform

On a vote on the idea of ​​enacting this reform into law, Mario Marcel said he would not oppose it. “a little sensitive”, under consideration “The Urgency of Pension Reform” for people.

The minister said he would assess what happens to political forces.

On the issue of self-loans and withdrawals, the Treasury Secretary has made clear the economic damage caused by the measure, and high inflation is proof of this.

Regarding the sale of Transbank announced by the Financial Services Agency yesterday. Banks and Financial Institutions Association (Abihu) emphasized the importance of the four-part model and its role in promoting competition.

Source: Biobiochile

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