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CMF alerts for apps that offer unregulated credit and have been downloaded thousands of times



CMF has provided the names of 12 companies that offer loans and investment services and may be defrauding people, including apps.

The Financial Markets Commission (CMF) has once again warned of a series of entities that offer credit but are not regulated or registered for record.

Among them, mobile apps “Dolphin” It can be downloaded from Google Play (over 50,000 downloads registered) or from the website “https://iluca.cc/home”.

That entity uses data from the user’s phone, including message records of financial transactions, to determine whether to grant a loan at an interest rate of 16%, as detailed on its website. .

In parallel, CMF will lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Public Affairs on allegations of fraud against the following companies:

– “http://cooperativaconecta.com” (Connect Cooperative).

– “www.servifinanpro.com” (progress servifinanpro.com).

– “https://www.cooperativadetalca.com/” (Talca Cooperative).

– “https://cooprosariochile.com/” (El Rosario Cooperative).

– https://copelecoop.com/, “Coop Copelec” (Imitadora de Servicios Financieros COPELEC SA).

・“https://financoopcl.co/” (imitation of “Development Savings Credit Union FINANCOOP”).

“These entities are offering loans through their websites without registration or approval by the Commission and require people to pay up front before they can provide credit. It won’t happen,” CMF pointed out.

The CMF also revealed that it has detected three suspicious companies that provide investment services and are not supervised by the agency.

-EUROBULL, access link: https://eubull.com/

・Premier Trust, access link: https://premiertrustglobal.com/

・M1 SPECIALTY, access link: https://m1specialty.com/

The aforementioned platforms heavily promote their products and services through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Recommendations for the public

on a site about citizen alertinterested parties can verify whether a company or individual providing credit or financial services is supervised by the CMF and other foreign regulators.

Scammers use a natural person’s checking account to receive money from the scams they carry out. This is an important warning sign to avoid falling for deception.

Finally, the CMF stated that it would not make payments of any kind to natural persons other than for the provision of services to this Commission. “So if you receive an email claiming to be from this service and asking you to enter a link or provide your bank details in order to receive payment, that email is incorrect. “You have to know,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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