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Banmedica confirmed in a letter to Borik that it had activated a dispute resolution mechanism with the state



“Given the nature of the aforementioned breaches, it is not yet possible as of today to accurately estimate the financial impact on Van Medica SA’s assets, liabilities or results,” Isapre said through key facts. rice field.

Isapule medical ban informed in a letter to the president Gabriel Boli c invoked a dispute resolution mechanism for the purpose State of Chile.

As detailed in Essential Facts, isapre: Financial Markets Commission, About a month after the accusation “Change the rules of the game” by government.

Therefore, the company announced yesterday (Monday) that Banmédica SA and Bordeaux UK Holdings II Limited – UnitedHealth Group’s investor in Empresas Banmédica – sent a letter to Gabriel Boric.

Thus, the dispute settlement mechanism contained in Article 7 of the 1996 Agreement on the Promotion and Protection of Investments between the Government and the United Kingdom (the “Convention”) was formally launched.

In the letter, Banmedica and UHG UK have reserved their rights and asked the countries to start negotiations for three months.

To find the above, “Friendly Solution” To “A serious situation caused by various violations by the State of Chile” to its international obligations.

“This affects both isapres in Chile and the group’s health care providers,” the company claimed.

Source: Biobiochile

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