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Boruarte calls on Peruvian parliament to speed up election progress



Dina Boluarte, President of Peru/European Press.

Dina Boluarte, President of Peru/European Press.

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte will accelerate the election process to the Republican Assembly after the executive branch itself gave its approval to the operation in the wake of anti-government protests that have plagued the Andean nation since the beginning of December. urged to .

“This project came from the executive branch. Now I am calling on the parliament to prioritize early elections,” he said at a press conference in front of the international media, according to the newspaper La Repubblica. rice field.

But while the president thus admitted to yielding to one of the protesters’ demands, she refused to accuse those who called her a usurper. “Coup d’etat” Former President Pedro Castillo.

Castillo announced the dissolution of Congress in early December and, far from being supported, decreed an emergency government in an operation that led to his dismissal and arrest. After this, supporters of the former president took to the streets to demand Boluarte’s resignation until Castillo’s “number two”, who became president after his imprisonment.

In the framework of these protests, which have already claimed the lives of more than 40 people, Boruarte asserted that he had asked the public prosecutor’s office to thoroughly investigate episodes of violence recorded across the country. . .

Indeed, the president once again called for dialogue with the key social leaders driving the protests, “truce” “Open dialog table”. “I never tire of calling them for dialogue, peace and unity,” he stressed.

Apology for Operation San Marcos

Meanwhile, the Andean president has apologized for the police operation that forced the eviction of the University of San Marcos in the capital Lima over the weekend, where hundreds of anti-government protesters were staying.

Referring to a police operation that took more than 200 detainees and sparked criticism from the international level, the president said, “I apologize to the students of San Marcos and those who were inside, probably because the form was not appropriate. ‘ said.

After police intervention, college students accused agents of forcibly entering the premises and, in some cases, breaking down the doors of student dormitory rooms.

Despite admitting that the operation was perhaps not conducted in the most appropriate manner, Boruarte stressed that the primary purpose of the police apparatus was to protect the integrity of the university’s students and housing. reports Andean radio station RPP.

“Police intervened to save the lives of students who were inside the university because they didn’t know who had broken in and they couldn’t guarantee that it could happen inside the university,” he said.

In fact, the president proudly stated that despite the large number of detainees detained, no one was injured in the operation, and those arrested by the authorities were released immediately after completing the relevant procedures. said it was done.

What happened at the University of San Marcos immediately sparked criticism from national and international organizations. Indeed, Chilean President Gabriel Boric made the remarks this Tuesday within the framework of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States summit. (CELAC) Reminiscent of a university image “Scenes of dictatorship”.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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