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Peru: Boluarte apologizes after justifying repression and ‘ignoring’ Puno protesters



Bolarte had to apologize after a statement interpreted as “noneo” to protesters in Puno, one of the areas most affected by the protests and with the highest number of deaths.

president of Peru Apologies for some statements made by the President, Dina Boluarte In it, he justified to the international press the lack of consent to protests taking place in major southern states, including Puno, where the highest number of deaths has been recorded.

“What do we do when threatened? Shall we let them burn us alive like they burned the police in Puno?” Asked Bolarte, who denied the government was responsible for the violence and expressed discord “Puno is not Peru”.

“The Office of the President of Peru reiterates that it must ensure the safety and well-being of its 33 million Peruvians. I didn’t,” he apologized.

“I apologize to my dear Highlands sisters and brothers for the misunderstanding. We reiterate our call for peace, dialogue and reconciliation,” the president said.

About seven weeks have passed since Boruarte became president of Peru. Pedro Castillo Since then, more than 50 people have died as a result of several protests calling for evictions and early elections that have been suppressed by the forces of order.

Despite the media showing images of the police and army indiscriminately suppressing the protests, Boruarte insisted that the security forces had done good, and without showing any evidence, protesters were funded by criminal groups. accused of being

Since the beginning of this week, many organizations and groups from the southern provinces of Peru have traveled to Lima, the capital, to join the demonstrations. The government responded by expanding its military contingent in those states.

In Puno, for example, there were protests and strikes against Borarte, who responded by issuing a mandatory curfew from 8pm to 4am, the newspaper La Repubblica reported.

A state of emergency has now been declared in the provinces of Cusco, Lima, Callao, Amazonas, La Libertad and Tacna, as well as in Puno, where the right of assembly, non-violation and freedom of passage have been suspended. personal freedom and security.

Source: Biobiochile

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