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Labor Commission approves pension reform in general: ‘technical table’ formed



The Labor Committee of the Chamber of Commerce has approved the idea to legislate pension reform despite Chile’s Vamos vote against. The government called for a more “realistic” tone in its discussions, but opposition parties questioned the possibility of experts joining the technical committee.

The most likely scenario came true and the government implemented the first phase of the pension reform debate, but failed to gain the expected unanimous support from the opposition.

A working committee of the Chamber of Commerce gave general approval to the project. 8 yes votes , 4 against world 1 abstain A key point in this vote was the commitment put forward by the executives.technical table of experts dedicated to second-stage consensus building.”

A debate in which each lawmaker had time to argue was not enough. For example, there have been many cross-cutting accusations regarding alleged conflicts of interest, little disposition among executives, and even a lack of transparency.

Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel He thanked the votes and said it particularly bothered him that transparency was being questioned.

“In the face of this agreed work table, we hope to take a more pragmatic approach that does not get past the defense at any cost of disqualification or suggestion,” the Secretary of State said. .

Opposition calls for participation in ‘technical table’ of pension reform

Opponents were unconvinced, however, as they were critical of the project’s content and wanted the vote not to be held until consensus was first reached.

deputy Christian Labe (UDI) questioned their participation when no guarantee of participation was given.

“I would like to know what the conditions for the supposed technical table are, how we MPs are represented, and where we are inferior to others. Make a table like this If you’re going to, really, because I can’t handle it,” the member of parliament said.

Although the proposal lacks details, the chairman of the committee said: Alberto Undurraga (DC) detailed the deadlines they will process.

“Outside the committee, we will work ourselves with the aspects that we have mastered, especially in a way that we will return to the committee in April to discuss it,” the lawmaker said.

After the vote, the Minister of Finance and Labor confirmed that he does not have veto power on the pension issue and will be happy to discuss each point included in the reform.

Source: Biobiochile

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