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Guatemala says ‘no crisis’ with Colombia after Minister Velázquez’s accusations



record-. President of Guatemala, Alejandro Eduardo Giammattei/European Press.

record-. President of Guatemala, Alejandro Eduardo Giammattei/European Press.

Guatemalan Foreign Minister Mario Bucaro assured this Wednesday ‘No crisis’ In relation to Colombia, following the indictment by the Central American country’s public prosecutor’s office against Colombia’s Defense Minister Ivan Velázquez regarding his alleged involvement in a corruption scheme.

“I don’t think there is a crisis,” Bucaro said, calling his meeting with his Colombian counterpart Alvaro Leyva at the edge of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean (CELAC) summit “very cordial.” Stated. It was held this Tuesday in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

Bucaro, who chose to “normalize bilateral relations” between the two countries after the diplomatic crisis a few days ago, stressed that “good faith and diplomacy are the best channels.” Return to the corresponding embassy.

Bucaro announced that he would “soon” make a “very positive” statement about the long-term “heartfelt” and “effective” diplomatic relations Guatemala maintains with Colombia, threatening to sever the ties. seemed not to be on the agenda for the country despite times of crisis.

Finally, the Foreign Minister denied the possibility of a future meeting between Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammatti and Colombia’s Ivan Petro in the most bitter episode of this diplomatic crisis.

Last week, Guatemalan prosecutor Rafael Curchiche, who was sanctioned by the United States for obstructing a corruption case, said that while Minister Velázquez was part of an international panel against impunity in Guatemala, the Brazilian construction company accused of being part of a corruption scheme crafted by Odebreks.

That accusation motivated both governments to seek consultations from their respective ambassadors. As the days passed, the situation became tense, and President Giammattei tried to deny the legitimacy of the Colombians by appealing to their past as guerrillas.

Petro questioned the prosecutor Curquiche’s integrity and assured him that he was only seeking “revenge” for his actions against impunity in which Velázquez had participated, and that Colombia would not tolerate an attack on one of its citizens. “The defense minister is respected, the president is respected, and we will not bring our national sovereignty to its knees in the face of corruption.”he emphasized.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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