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The US is sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Scholz defends the decision to supply leopards.



The Russian frigate carried out a computer simulation of the hypersonic Zircon missile with a range of 900 kilometers

US President Joe Biden announced that the US will send 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Kiev. After several weeks of discussion, Germany has officially confirmed that it will deliver 14 Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine, and will also allow exports to third countries.

In speech in US President Biden also emphasized to the White House that the supply of tanks is for the protection of Ukrainian territory and not a threat to Russia. He thanked Germany for approving the supply of Leopard tanks and reiterated that they are Allies are completely united in the defense of Ukraine.

The US will on recommendation of the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Ukraine sent on the 31st AbramsBiden announced, calling American tanks the most powerful tanks on the world. He added that the United States will Ukraine also provided adequate training.

He decided on the number 31 because it is the number of tanks in to the Ukrainian tank battalion, a representative of his government explained to journalists in front of Biden. “Ukrainians need permanent capabilities to deter and defend against Russian aggression,” Biden said

He also confirmed that it was in done in the morning five-sided telephone conversation with the leaders of Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy and asserted that they are completely united in the protection of Ukraine. Before they get thin abrams arrived in Ukraine, will be otherwise it took several months.

Germany supplied leopards to Poland.  Photo: Reuters

Scholz defends his decision

German chancellor Olaf Scholz defended the government’s decision to approve the supply of Leopard tanks Ukraine. In an address to members of the Bundestag, he explained that Germany is in support Ukraine did what was necessary, but at the same time he warned against the escalation of the conflict with Russia.

“In everything we do, we must always make it clear that we are doing what is necessary and possible to support Ukraine, but at the same time to prevent the war from escalating in war between Russia and NATO,” Scholz said in to the parliament. “We will continue to follow this principle,” he asserted.

German media they are already in reported on Tuesday evening that the German chancellor had agreed after several weeks of pressure in delivery of Leopard 2 battle tanks Kiev.

Germany aims to equip two battalions with Leopard 2 tanks as soon as possible, in the first step will be Berlin provided 14 tanks. Like they are also communicated from Berlin, se will be training of Ukrainian soldiers started as soon as possible, Germany will be provided logistics and ammunition. At this they are they still said they would in also recently issued permits to countries that want to send tanks Ukraine. As a manufacturer, Germany must approve every export of tanks.

Tank model 2A6 is a newer and more complete version of the model 2A4whose supply Ukraine already announced by Poland and Finland.

To the tweet of the Ukrainian deputy foreign minister, who thanked for the leopards, but added that they would need more fighter jets, Scholz responded that they would not do that: “Both the US president and I said that we would not impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. That position has not changed and will not will be.”

And also: “We won’t under any circumstances in They sent troops to Ukraine.”

Kyiv: The next step is a tank coalition

V Kiev they are welcomed the German government’s decision to supply Leopard battle tanks to Ukrainian forces and to allow other countries to do the same. Head of the Cabinet of the President of Ukraine Andrew Jermak called Berlin’s move a first step. “The first step on tanks has been taken. The next step is the ‘tank coalition’. We need a lot of leopards,” it is on social media records Jermak.

The Kremlin’s response

“This extremely dangerous decision postpones the conflict on a new level of confrontation and is in contrary to the statements of German politicians about Germany’s unwillingness to get involved,” it is in response on the German move, said the Russian ambassador in Germany Sergey Nechaev.

According to him, Germany and its Western partners are not interested for a diplomatic solution to the dispute, but – on the contrary – they are bettingon its aggravation. “Berlin’s decision means that Germany definitively renounces its historical responsibility towards our nation for the horrific crimes of Nazism” in World War II, he said Nechaev.

“Technologically, it’s a failed plan. It’s an overestimation of the potential that will be added this to the Ukrainian army. These tanks burn like any other. They’re just very expensive.” a Kremlin spokesman told reporters today, even before the German confirmation Dimitrij Peskov.

Golob welcomed Germany’s decision to supply tanks
Prime Minister Robert Golob welcomed Germany’s decision to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine, but at the same time conceded that it was a distinctly German domestic political issue. “I’m glad they made that decision,” said the Pigeon. “I don’t believe it will have a decisive military impact, but it is a very powerful symbolic message.” According to him, with this decision, Germany is in a way “burning the bridges that it kept open”.

Kyiv, together with several Western countries, including Poland, has for a long time called on Germany to grant permission for the supply of Leopard tanks, which Ukraine ready to deliver to several European countries.

European allies welcomed Berlin’s decision

In Warsaw, they think so will be it helped stop Russia, in And London they are marked it as the right decision in efforts for Ukraine to win in war. The decision they are greeted too in Paris.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki thanked Germany for approving the supply of Leopard 2 tanks Ukraine and at the same time provided one company of these tanks from its stocks.“Thank you, Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The decision to send the leopards in Ukraine is a big step towards stopping Russia. Together we are stronger,” it is tweeted Morawiecki.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called Germany’s decision “the right decision”. It was “the right decision by NATO’s allies and friends”, it is on Sunak, whose government also announced the delivery of 14 battle tanks, announced on Twitter challenger 2 Ukraine.

Zelenski celebrates his 45th birthday today.  Photo: EPA

“Together with challengers 2 will strengthen Ukraine’s defensive firepower,” he said. “We strengthen together ours efforts to ensure that will be Ukraine won in this war and ensured lasting peace,” the British Prime Minister is convinced.

Berlin’s decision they are greeted too in Paris. France sees this as “broadening and strengthening” the support that Paris has in the beginning of the guarantee month Kiev with the supply of light armored vehicles AMX10-RC, they are messages from the Elysée Palace.

Soledar in Russian hands

The Ukrainian army announced today that they are after several months of fierce fighting for control of Soledars left to Russian forces, and Ukrainian troops they are withdrew.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today that the frigate Admiral Gorshkov tested its strike capabilities in western Atlantic Ocean. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the frigate had carried out a computer simulation hypersonic the Zircon rocket, which has a range of 900 kilometers.

Source: Rtvslo

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