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40 Hour Workweek Project Approved By Labor Commission And Sent To Senate



Labor Minister Janet Jara declared that “this bill will soon become a reality”. He reiterated that the implementation of reduced working hours is “essential to people’s lives.”

This Thursday at the Senate Labor Committee, the final package of instructions for the project to try to adjust the weekly working day 40 hours .

Court proceedings will continue in March.

Some of the indications approved during the session are relevant for working parents and caregivers of children up to age 12. 2 time zone rights. Within that range, you can anticipate or delay the start of work by up to an hour. thus also determining the departure time at the end of the day.

again, Agree with workers that a typical 40-hour day is completed in an average of 4 weeks up to 45 hours per week.

and stipulated as follows: If workers are members of a trade union, the company must obtain the consent of the workers’ representative organization. which makes it possible to agree, through collective bargaining agreements between the company and the union, a workweek of up to 52 hours involving only the partners.

Labor Minister Janet Jara declared that “this bill will soon become a reality”.

He said that implementing a shortened working day is “essential to people’s lives (…) affecting, for example, the likelihood that they will have more time to share with their families, daughters and sons. This is very good news and is very close to becoming law. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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