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The Spanish government called an emergency meeting over a series of murders of women



The government is considering a plan to inform abused women

The Spanish government has called a second crisis meeting with domestic violence experts in less than a month after six women and children were murdered since early January. The government is now considering making women aware of their partners’ past crimes.

The crisis committee last met after the murders of 11 women in December. On Monday, a 45-year-old woman and her eight-year-old daughter were murdered in the province of Valladolid. Five days before, a 38-year-old woman was murdered in Catalonia, the Guardian reports.

The latest deaths bring the number of women murdered by their partners or ex-partners to 1,188 since 2003, when the government kept statistics. In the same period, 49 children were killed as a result of domestic violence. Last year there were 49 women killed in partner violence, and 43 in 2021.

“So far in January, six women and an eight-year-old girl have been murdered due to sexist violence,” the Spanish Minister for Equality wrote on Twitter Irene Montero. “The Ministry of Equality has called a crisis committee meeting for this Friday, Yes would analyze each case in detail and would discover what went wrong, Yes would improve coordination, and Yes would ensure Yes we prevent the matter in time.”

The meeting will be attended by representatives of the Ministries of Equality, Justice and the Interior, as well as representatives of the Spanish regions.

Spanish police have dealt with seven domestic violence murders this month alone.  Photo: EPA

Spain’s Socialist-led government is grappling with a sharp rise in deadly domestic violence and is now considering proposals that would allow authorities to Yes inform women who are victims of domestic violence if their partner has already been convicted.

But the Spanish public prosecutor for violence against women warns, Yes there would be no such warnings could to issue automatically and Yes should take into account the specific circumstances of each case.

Gang-rape pogrom

Last month, the government called on courts and prosecutors to Yes increase the use of electronic bracelets, Yes would thus help to protect women whose ex-partners have a warrant issued not approaching.

“We think Yes it is important to encourage the use of electronic devices such as wristbands that notify women of their presence aggressors,” said the Minister of Justice in December Pilar Llop. “Since 2009, when these bracelets were introduced, no woman has been murdered wearing them.”

Llopova she said Yes it is also important to deal with those who deny the issue of gender-based violence. But the opposition parties accuse the government of Yes is with the introduction controversial legislation that allowed some convicted sex offenders to have their sentences reduced failed women at risk.

According to Spanish law, “only Yes means Yes“, which was introduced after a widespread outcry over the leniency of the notorious gang-rape in Pamplona in 2016, the landing is a key factor in sexual assault cases. But they also revised the framework for potential minimum and maximum prison sentences, allowing some convicted sex offenders, Yes appeal against their sentence and si they stipulate lower. By the end of December, the sentences of 129 convicted felons were reduced on this account.

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