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‘War tourists’: Ukrainian soldiers killed by inexperienced American leaders



A Ukrainian soldier has died on the battlefield in the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine. His death sparked fierce controversy among some American veterans and volunteer trainers.

many dead Ukrainian soldier Battles on the battlefield are the legacy of the wars that Russia started, and the confrontation in the eastern city of Bakhmut, the center of fierce fighting, was no exception. This time it was due to the military inexperience of some Americans.

According to reports in June, insider media, Soldiers of the 47th Ukrainian Storm Regiment fought the advancing Russian forces.

Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine has been the center of intense fighting with the mercenary group Wagner Group.

was there Brian Wang (35), a U.S. citizen, found himself in the midst of carnage and could not rise to the occasion.

dead Ukrainian soldier

A firearms instructor, Wang was one of thousands of foreigners who volunteered to help Ukraine.

Some enlisted to fight the Ukrainian International Territorial Defense Forces, others with related skills -Like a King- they volunteered.

Upon entering Bakhmut’s house, two Ukrainian soldiers were ambushed by Russian forces, the former being killed instantly.

The second was shot several times, including in the abdomen, so Wang stepped forward to save him, but felt nervously betrayed in the process.

No Ukrainian soldiers survived.

Ambush with Bahmut

Sons of Liberty International (Sled) is a non-profit security contractor primarily made up of US and Canadian veterans.

Two SOLI instructors told Insider that Wang took more responsibility than he was entitled to and endangered the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

“He is definitely a war traveler.” Erik Inbody, a 29-year-old SOLI instructor and former Marine, said of Wang:

Bakhmut’s death is the source of most of the controversy.

According to a bulletin written by Wang at the time, he was not supposed to be involved in the action that day.

Wang moved to Bakmut with a battalion, but was left behind camp lines because the battalion commander felt he was not experienced enough to be in the thick of battle.

“I was a drag” Written by the king himself.

American Instructor’s Mistake

Wang, with his own authorization, decided to take it upon himself to rescue wounded Ukrainian soldiers. It is not clear whether he had his upper management.

He detailed his efforts to save the soldiers with a squad medic called Wolf.

Wang described a scene from the fog of war.In the chaotic blur, the two performed needle decompression on a soldier.

The soldier was eventually loaded into a van and taken to a hospital.

The situation was hopeless, writes Wang: the soldier was “dying and there was nothing we could do about it”.

Explaining how he decided to do needle decompression again, Mr. Wang was unsure, “shy” because he’s a soldier “It had more muscle mass than the spare ribs I usually use.”

“I doubted myself The needle and catheter were immovable, so when I pushed hard, I could hear and feel them pass through the chest wall,” he wrote.

“I was too timid to push the catheter all the way in because I was afraid my needle would stick something more into his lung,” he added.

RCP ended with dead Ukrainian soldier

Mr Wang said he decided to do CPR afterwards. This was his biggest mistake.

Another member of the group, a combat doctor named Will, told him: I taught you this ”

According to National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians guidelines, Battlefield CPR is not recommended for use in tactical combat casualty care training.

“In combat, a failed CPR attempt can interfere with care for potentially viable casualties and interfere with the ongoing mission of the unit,” the guidelines said.

Wang said it was appropriate to perform CPR in that case, as it was a last resort in trying to save a dying man.

Source: Biobiochile

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