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Up to 28 pesos per liter: new significant drop in all petrol prices reported



National Oil Company (Enap) announced a new recalibration of gasoline. This assumes 9 consecutive weeks of falling prices.

This week’s import parity saw another drop in the value of 93 and 97 octane gasoline. They are 21.3 pesos and 28.2 pesos per liter respectively.

On the other hand, it was announced that the value of diesel will also fall, Specifically, at 28.6 pesos per liter, The most important change of the week.

This decision was made taking into account the Import Parity Pricing Rule, the Fuel Stabilization Mechanism (Mepco) and the Oil Price Stabilization Fund (FEPP).

It should be remembered that Enap does not regulate or set fuel price increases within the Chilean market.

Its role is wholesaler of various hydrocarbon derivatives to distribution companies.

Source: Biobiochile

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