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Peru expresses displeasure with President Boric for expressing himself in a ‘disrespectful way’ to Serac’s Boruarte



Peru’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ignacio Higueras tweeted: “The course chosen by President Voluarte’s constitutional government is to proceed with general elections so that the Peruvian people can decide the fate of Peru peacefully without interference.” Stated.

The Peruvian government will travel to Chile this Wednesday “Discomfort” provoked criticism of the president Gabriel Bolick executive to lead Dina Boluarte on top of Latin American and Caribbean Community (Shellac).

“Vice-president Ignacio Higueras Today, I conveyed my dissatisfaction with the Peruvian government to the Ambassador of Chile. rude way President Gabriel Boric said in a speech at Therac To the President of the Republic of Dina Boluarte, pointed out in the explanation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs twitter.

“The government is not going to change the course of democratic institutions.” concluded.

Boric, who made his debut at the Serac conclave on Tuesday after taking power a year ago, stressed: “Urgent need to change course in Peru”.

“Today, in our sister country Peru, we cannot remain indifferent. Those who go out on marches and demand what they deem fair will eventually be shot Who has to protect them,” Boric said before the plenary session of Block.

He said, “The balance left by the path of oppression and violence -After the failed self-coup of ex-president Pedro Castillo- It’s unacceptable.”

Boric, Bolarte and AMLO at the Serac Summit

This Wednesday, the President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He thanked Borik for his position on the Peruvian crisis.

“I would like to thank President Boric of Chile, because he handled this issue very well in his speech yesterday. It will be done,” Lopez said. Obrador at the daily press conference.

Meanwhile, Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Monday that it is evaluating action against what it defines as an “act of interference” by the Bolivian president. Luis Arce I mentioned the crisis the country is going through this Sunday.

“Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to the Ambassador of Bolivia, conveying through it its vigorous protest against the statements of President Luis Arce on domestic policy issues. The Prime Minister’s Office will assess actions before any new intervention. ” conveyed the portfolio in his account twitter.

In a speech this Sunday, Arce spoke of rights as the common enemy of countries in the region, and said Peru was fighting to restore democracy.

“The Peruvian people are fighting to restore their democracy and their right to choose the government that represents them,” the Bolivian president said.

Source: Biobiochile

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