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Meta Revives Donald Trump’s Instagram and Facebook Accounts



American tech company Meta announced Wednesday that it will reactivate former President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

In a statement, the company said: Mehta explained that it suspended Donald Trump’s account two years ago due to “extreme and highly abnormal circumstances.” However, he found that the public “must be able to listen to politicians” in order to “make informed decisions in polls.”

Meta says updated policy includes ‘guardrails’ or restrictions, and Trump’s account is being reinstated after ‘suspension related to civil protests’, thus violating rules If you publish content that you don’t like, you may be suspended again between one month and one month. 2 years.

Additionally, Meta warned that it would target content that could create “risks” similar to those that occurred prior to the attack. Restrict access to “distribution” or advertising tools.

The company suspended Trump indefinitely from Facebook and Instagram after the then president praised violent supporters of the Jan. 6, 2021 assault, but has since referred the matter to the Oversight Board. After that, the suspension was shortened to two years.

In a memo, Meta said it concluded that the existing risk associated with the attack was “sufficiently reduced” to restore the account if the ban was put into effect, but the social network’s responsibility admits there is a “significant debate”. Regarding the content they host.

“We do our best to draw a line between content that is harmful and should be removed and content that is part of rough life in a free society, no matter how offensive or inaccurate. We believe it is necessary,” the company explains.

Trump responded to the announcement through his platform, social truth, In that message, he opined that Facebook lost money after suspending his account, arguing that no future president or person “deserving punishment” should go through the same thing. .

Trump’s Twitter account was also suspended after the attack on the Capitol. And in November, he reinstated the former president under the direction of its new owner, tycoon Elon Musk, who responded that he had no interest in returning.

But Trump’s apparent refusal to reactivate his previous accounts contrasted with Rolling Stone’s report that Trump ended his exclusive deal with Truth Social, and in June and will return to Twitter for the 2024 election.

Source: Biobiochile

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